Concubine of Wealth
Romance / CEO

Concubine of Wealth

Zuoan Comic
Concubine of Wealth
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Concubine of Wealth Comics Online. A sheet of contract and a ransom of ten million changed her into a close maid to an evil-like billionaire. Although once a rich young lady, she was made a puppet nowadays. He tried his best to torture her only for her to give birth to a boy to revenge against her family? In an attempt to flee away from him, she learnt how to seduce men and contribute her body, swearing to identify who was manipulating her life.

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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Ugh. Idk what I was expecting. This ending was 💩. I persevered in hopes we would get nice ending since it was a longer series. I feel like these authors don't have a storyline drawn out before they write. It's like they go: "oh, this can't end too soon, so let's just see how ridiculously tragic this story can get!"

But seriously... He didn't even tell her the truth and we didn't even get to see the nanny exposed. I guess we just pretend that storyline didn't happen...
Naruto Uzumaki: Hi. Can you tell me what other manga apps you use and do they have good contents there too?? Or just the same comics as this app?
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖: I completely agree with you about this story and others on these apps. Welcome to this app! There are some good stories on here. My Adorable girlfriend, My Spicy Wife's Reborn World, and fall for you, dote on you, are all a bit different and not cliche. I've got to say the women are pretty awesome in these stories so far, especially when compared to these pathetic ones...
total 14 replies
Ok...vague. Not the best manhua. From the changes in the drawing the jump in time( instead if 2 yrs missing it became 7) also poorcharacter build up. There's so many unanswered questions. It's poorly done. Here's what i think.
- the blood is of his uncle - Ruan Donghua
- maybe su wan is the real Ruan daughter of Donghua
- Master is adopted. Need a child with Wan so he can keep control of Ruan thru the child. Original plan was to use the child to fight against his enemy, his uncle, not Old Mr. Su.
GongYexiaoxChenLiyue: Which makes him just as much of a douchebag as the guy in the one l e v o n b e w story and Romance With The Boss.
Anonymous: Hi I've seen "Your Name". It had a lot of good reviews but not sure if I would read it if it's entirely based on the anime. I do not like open ended stories. It's open to speculations. I prefer stories that are ended properly. However, I will give"Thread of Happiness" a go. Thank you for the suggestion.
total 3 replies
muhkang tanga yung kwento magulo pa sa buhok k sa baba
saka pwede ba bakit big deal sa asean ang virginty sa babae kayo nga lalaki kung mahal niyo mahal niyo wla nang tanungan ng past
geekmanga: the plot is copied. waste of time to read.
❤Hatake_Kakashi❤: oo nga HAHAHA
total 12 replies
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