The Super Doctor From 2089
Action / Fantasy / TimeTravel

The Super Doctor From 2089

The Super Doctor From 2089
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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The Super Doctor From 2089 Comics Online. A brilliant doctor from 2089 somehow time-travels back to the year 2019, along with all his badassness.
Want a healthy body? Go to the Doctor! Want unmatched beauty? Go to the Doctor! Want to survive the ambush by a bunch of mercs? Still, go to the Doctor.
This Doctor is capable in every aspect...well, almost every aspect, except when it comes to his romantic encounter with girls.

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Fareedah(thats it)
I'm from the future, 2020 and this plague is just covid 19.there's no need to worry the rules are pretty simple. if you don't wanna die,
Stay indoors 24/7 and do almost nothing. (u'll get used to it trust me)
spend almost all ur money buying masks and sanitizers
stay on ur phones 24/7 or ppl Will forget u exist
try not to kiss fl. its better to be patient and be alive (even tho its ruining my ship)
if u start sneezing, forget what i said about not panicking. visit the nearest doctor (mc) if u luv ur life
Anyone else have tips? my fingers are killing me
ZK: Hello sorry for disturbing you good sir/ma'am
I have written a novel titled "Peak Level" by: ZeishuraKyuushin
If you have some free time I would be thankful if you read my work 😁 I will also update it on a daily or weekly feel free to read and give a feedback :) I'd really appreciate it if you do read it 🤗🙂
Cursed princess: Guys please read "She was different", I need your support, please help me! My dream is to be a contract writer at mangatoon, but my application didn't pass because my chat story had less views. I promise you, you'll love the plot❤, if you don't you are free to give feedbacks!
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Edrian Casil
The girls now is not beautiful anymore,what's up with the artwork? I want the first artwork the beautiful girls.... And even wutian is ugly now because of the poor artwork...
Gaurav Chambhare: what's the novel's name of this manga?
Shamsheer Alam: But manga is still better
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When he was taking off his shirt I thought he was gonna....ya know ...r.a.p.e them or something like that but gosh I'm so glad I was wrong 😓😌
Ryder Dunning: same here
Quintin Quilario: same here
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