Demon, Don't Kiss Me
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Demon, Don't Kiss Me

Yoolook Culture
Demon, Don't Kiss Me
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Demon, Don't Kiss Me Comics Online. When Ai Xiaoxiao, the seventeen-year-old girl discovers her first boyfriend is gay, she is devastated, but soon something more devastating ensues, as her love rival kisses her instead and suddenly transforms into a demon. This arouses the interest of the demon, who is openly the CEO of a powerful company that controls the economic lifeline of the entire nation, because he has never been transformed into a demon involuntarily. Who could Ai Xiao Xiao really be? An orphan abandoned since birth in an children's home, and adopted at eight, why only she can "awaken" this demonic CEO...

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Hottest Comments
things in manga
1.FL always calls for trouble (probably in all (
2.ML saves FL
3.ML is CEO
4.FL is employee, servant ,secretary or poor etc..
5.ML first acts cool, arrogant poker, Face cold hearted...etc
6. out of sudden ML fall for FL and act sweetly...
7.FL are always naive (in most of the cases)
8.FL get bullied by their colleagues classmates etc...
9.ML ra*p FL at first episode (NOT IN THIS )
10.contract between both..
11. time travel (well only FL)
12. substitute wife
(if you don't like this comment then ignore 🙂 please)
if there are more please say...
Rajanya Mitra: bruh ....super true
three+SURE_63: I agree bro
total 173 replies
Angel Blackwood
I thought she was simple... well look at the FL finally growing up❗I'm so proud🤧
Lumina: what? why?
Igarashi Iroha: She wasn't the fl in the end tho
total 10 replies
Jaye R
I wanted him to save the Mom too
Monse Yourgurl: yeah!
Gabriel Bautista: yeah.... moommmmm ommggg the mother 😭😭😭😭😭😭
total 34 replies
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