My Introvert Husband
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My Introvert Husband

My Introvert Husband
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My Introvert Husband Comics Online. All she ever wanted was just an ordinary life, but life was never easy for her. Perhaps that's why her mother was so desperate to marry her off to someone.
To make her mother happy, she agreed to an arranged marriage, but only to know that the guy she was supposed to marry regretted in the last minute.
However, the wedding was not going to be cancelled, as that man's cold and introvert brother agreed to marry her in his brother's stead.
After one month, will this marriage continue? Or will it end up in divorce?
And most importantly, after the wedding, "Do I have to sleep in the same bed with him?"...

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Sally the loli
Plus DAAM this art style is AMAZING
Anonymous: i too like this art. it's very unique and story is also interesting
xXaliciabirthXx: ikr!!! it's different from others!!
total 4 replies
This story and artwork is simple and different from others and I really like this work. and looking forward for it.
Lonely girl: check out my chat stories and subscribe please🤗🤗
total 1 replies
I like this new manga
Nice work author
Lonely girl: Please check out my chat stories .and subscribe please🤗🤗🤗
total 1 replies
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