My Introvert Husband
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My Introvert Husband

My Introvert Husband
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My Introvert Husband Comics Online. All she ever wanted was just an ordinary life, but life was never easy for her. Perhaps that's why her mother was so desperate to marry her off to someone.
To make her mother happy, she agreed to an arranged marriage, but only to know that the guy she was supposed to marry regretted in the last minute.
However, the wedding was not going to be cancelled, as that man's cold and introvert brother agreed to marry her in his brother's stead.
After one month, will this marriage continue? Or will it end up in divorce?
And most importantly, after the wedding, "Do I have to sleep in the same bed with him?"...

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thank goodness its for free reading... too short of a chapter, more panels with no scripts, no proper conversation... i mean come on, just this chapter is only about Kikan being sent to her mom's house... did anything happened in this chapter? NOTHING. does this series even have an EDITOR? how can such a thing be approved for publishing this chapter?.. i've restricted myself from saying this since I read the 1st chapter and thought maybe there can be improvement, I was wrong, so let me say this...

do you think for those who paid real money for chapter actually deserved this kind of boring chapter? "you need to give them their money worth." that's unfair to them...

the reason for this criticism is to not shame or discredit you of your hard work, but for you to IMPROVE. If you will take my words negatively, that's up to you. Because I'm a writer too, I try to make my chapter have at least one thing that will make my readers come back for next chapter and I call that "EXCITEMENT". Why? Because if an author excites its readers, they will come back for next chapter, they will recommend your work to others too... in short, EXCITEMENT = READERS = RECOMMENDATIONS/SHARING = MORE VIEWS = REVENUES $$$ 💵💴💵💴 *kaching*kaching*

So think and reflect about it.
Cursed princess: Guys go and read "SHE WAS DIFFERENT❤", story of a female CEO. Please help the author reach 10k views, we need your support!
Jen Yi: Exactly, even if your paragraphs are well written you can still fail if they don’t coordinate with the thesis!
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Alka!! You are so freaking annoying!!! 🤦Kinka is not yours; you missed that opportunity when you allowed Rey to take your place! And Ray, Kinka is almost at her limit; don't come wining like a dog with his tail between his legs when she decides that you are not worth the trouble! Seriously, why are men so dense, ( no offense to the ones that are actually smart). Kinka, just drop the annoying brothers, go see your mom, and call your uncle and ask him if you and your mom can go visit him in the US? Canada? don't remember. Maybe wile you are gone, Ray might get his act together.
💠 Latte 💠MissPlacedEyes-Gone: actually Alka still thinks and believes nothing is between KiKan and his bro. Atleast he is fighting for his love but male leads like him(the 2nd male leads who have warm smiles and are always good to the FL and don't like the Villainess and protects FL's from them) doesn't end up with the FL. It's just that manhuas today works like this
ImNotHinG🤪: Well the EX girlfriend of the ML is annoying too so the AUTHOR wants the story FAIR
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i don't like Alka...what does he think of first he ran away leaving her behind.. he just sent a message on phone ...
and now..after seeing kikan..he has fallen in love with her .. woww what a realisation...I'm happy that our sweet and innocent kikan didn't get to marry such a person !'s good that rey is getting jealous..and considerate towards our innocent and sweet kikan...I hope we'll get some cute scenes of rey and kikan soon...

(◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤waiting for Updates !!!
( ˶ ❛ ꁞ ❛ ˶ )(✷‿✷)\(^o^)/
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