My Introvert Husband
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My Introvert Husband

My Introvert Husband
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Plus DAAM this art style is AMAZING
Annabelle Carlos: just to share our work to everyone who are interested 😉
Jasmine: why people are asking to check their novel???
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This story and artwork is simple and different from others and I really like this work. and looking forward for it.
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~ thank you😉
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I like this new manga
Nice work author
oiluu💜[IY.C]: update fast , its just introduction
Nightcore Nanami: pls read my first ever novel/chat story
tittle is:force to love again
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interesting story...I like it very much
Annabelle Carlos: hey!!! this Ann🤗!!! please try reading my chat novel "marry to heal me cool doctor"....I would be greatful to your contribution
~ thank you😉
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Griffin Grey
In what twisted universe is this story taking place????
Recap: Younger brother didn’t want to marry MC because his BF (that happened to be his brother’s girlfriend and MC’s so-called-friend) badmouthed her. Then MC married big brother who treats her like 💩 and then treated her even worst when he learned from his younger brother that she is a “home wrecker”???? And now the rumor-spreading-stripper-dressed girlfriend goes to the newlyweds house and wants to hmmmmmm the groom???????? But the brothers are ok with that and respect her?????? Like WTF???? That’s not even double standards. That’s triple standards or what????? Girl run away from this den of depravity and leave these fools to enjoy their menage à trois. Shameless people HOW DARE U BADMOUTH OUR GIRL???????
Griffin Grey: I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!! She is like a fly eating flower!!!!! I bet she smells bad too!
Griffin Grey: She is one of the “friends” that believed the rumors and abandoned her and the one that badmouthed her to the younger brother when he told her that their mothers were arranging a marriage for them. And she never apologized or show remorse for her shitty actions. And now she struggles to do the things she accused her of doing. And the hypocrite ML is just fine with her actions while he treated abominably his wife for the rumors!!!! I mean mercy!!!!!!
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Griffin Grey
Both brothers are so little. They won’t make a decent man even if you combine them together. The one run away without explanation to avoid the engagement. The other was forced to marry a woman he doesn’t want and now he complains around. Like medieval romances going bad 😒 I am looking forward for the moment that the first brother will realize that he run away from the love of his life and the second one will get served the divorce papers! And I hope MC will find a good, worthwhile MAN who will be pleasantly surprised when he realize that although his wife is divorced, he will be her first and last man and they will have beautiful life and babies together!
How can she be so dumb... even if there is no love in their marriage she shouldn't act so dumb... it's like she saying "Welcome to all the homewreckers! I invite you to steal my husband!"

Btw you can tell me not to be mean to the fl... but whatever, I do what I want and she's just a fictional character anyway.
Suzy: Honest after going through all the sufferings in her her she became a pushover n I think this story is about how she became confident not only in her life but in her relationship too
but I still want to slap her n Rey too n all those characters too 😒🤮
ᴩᴇᴇʀʟᴇꜱꜱ_ɪɴᴛʀᴏᴠᴇʀᴛ: yeah ur right i agree with u
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eren murry
i meet such women again and again flying around my fiance to create troubles in our relationship.....why does this world take in such shameless women and ALSO those idiot men who get trap in this types of women just to be played around by a women ..hahaha stupid men are those who only think with their lower body to get STD
eren murry: sure👍🤭
melody: wowww u r living real manga life....I support u... fighting ...n Teach such person's a lesson..✌️
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Okay seriously his mother is really childish & selfish she doesn’t care bout her sons happiness or what he wants, she’s pretty much only using them just to get her husband side of the family to stop looking down on her and such. If she really wants them to not always look down on her then she should first stop being so damn childish & selfish and actually put effort in to doing something bout it herself so they would stop doing that instead of using her own sons life & happiness for her own damn selfish reason and the fact that she completely ignores the MC consent too is just another reason I’m hating the mother for.
I pray to the heavens that kikan doesn't catch feelings for any of the brothers(although it seems she's on the verge of catching feels for rey)but I hope at the end of the day,she doesn't.It doesn't f*cking matter if both the brothers go crazy for her or whatevah.I just want her to get a divorce at the ending and live an unbothered life with her mom.
Angie: ye but I FEEL like she's on the verge of havin' em
Aura Gutierrez: Kikan does not look like she is having feelings for him. Actually he is the one that looks like having feelings growing for her as he's noticed she is a good woman!
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i really liked the art style but going to drop the comic as the sexism of this one is getting on my nerve like they are showing the fl as a innocent tolerating sweet wife but she actually is a slave whom the ml's mother choosed so her son gets a 24/7 nanny and a personal slave whom he can occasionally f**k and seeing her as a baby making machine only and whats more?a ungrateful foul mouthed sexist jerk whome they will eventually show how the fl fell for him despite loosing her human rights and how romantic it is lol
kyne: yeah exactly😂
Griffin Grey: 😂😂😂🤣 In all honesty what shocked me the most was how she was brutalized without doing something at school. They saw her WALKING with someone they didn’t know and could easily be her father (although he was his brother) and they almost stone her. They deducted she was a home wrecker and prostitute!!!!! They didn’t even know the guy. And then, although honors student and NOT guilty was expelled from school?????? This shit is like Middle Ages and witch hunting. Like WTF??????????
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I hope that Rey becomes more cautious. The blonde ex is hurting Kikan’s feelings. She may act all goody goody but she’s a snake. 😂 what can you expect from a home wrecker?
Rey should properly throw her out of the house and clear up everything between them or his married life will be more problematic
Diamond Aries
I'm still trying to figure out how you would believe the Little brother who ran away because the older brother's exgirlfriend told him about her.
Understand where I'm coming from?
1. Little brat little brother. He's a jerk too!
2. Exgirlfriend finds out that you're marrying someone else. Just what do you think she would say?!
3. You're a jerk too! Bigger than little brother jerk.
4. Current situation: Exgirlfriend appears to get in your pitiful pants and tries to ruin your already strained marriage. And if she's not the exgirlfriend (no doubts) she's dressed to cause trouble any way it goes.
5. I'm hoping for FL to slap him some more.
6. *Please add if I've missed something.*
oiluu💜[IY.C]: hi there please check my novel called the tender evil ceo , im sure you will like it
Euphoria: I would love to see the FL slapping ML some more times
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why's kikan so dumb?no like,why??It's like an open invitation to all hoes to mess up their marriage.Like bruh even if it's a 'TeMpOrArY' thing,just keep it between yourselves and close people.You DO NOT say it to people like that blonde thot who spreads rumors about you.
His ex is so disrepectful. I hope he kicks her out. These brothers do not deserve her. Younger brother bails out on her. Ironically he meets her and falls in love with her unknowingly. Older brother marries her with no love only family obligation. Kikan gurl you should tell both brothers to kick rocks. She deserves to be happy.
Aura Gutierrez: I think he will actually kick her out
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Griffin Grey
Yea naive younger brother! I hope you cry bitter tears for listening the false rumors of her school “friend”. Like, what kind of “friend” spreads such groundless nonsense for others??? Now you can hug your bestie (and your brother’s ex) and hit your heads on the wall together 🥰
Griffin Grey: He indeed acted like a little kid!
Griffin Grey: You are right, it doesn’t make sense. Also if he knew these things, he should inform his brother about the recommended wife’s shameless behavior before he marry her 🤔 Maybe everything happened so fast that he didn’t have time to “warn” his brother. And the brother disrespected so much his wife that didn’t bother to give her a proper marriage with his friends and family. Only with his mother that pestered him to get marry. In any case, I love that the author delays the meeting with the “sister in law”. I want both brothers to be in love with her by the time it happens. And one to regret running away without explanation and the other saying around that he was “forced to marry her.”
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Whatever since I really don't like the Male lead so I don't mind who's hitting on him..

And kikan can be out of his attention and live peaceful day.

Anyway kikan don't have feelings for him, just she's confused and bearing it for her mother and inlaw.. So she's already carrying many burdens.
Kikan,HONEYYYYYYY,you need to stop being such a pushover.Ik it's not something that can be fixed easily but come on kikan!This blonde thot ain't worth it!I believe you'll change at the end of the comic!baby steps first!

That's his ex-girlfriend, and also a friend of Ikan since middle school. She came back to get back together with ML. Ml's brother didn't married Kikan because he heard a rumour that Kikan dated rich married man to get their money and got expelled from school because she was a bad student, but the rumours were all fake and was spread by Ml ex-girlfriend. The 'rich married man' was Kikan's uncle, they didn't met for a long time and was only having fun outside but Kikan friend decide to take picture AMD expose her.
clvudiistars: can you please tell me more or from where are yiu reading this ....please 👉👈
Azora: nope, it's really real 😂😂
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