Prince, You Are So Cheap
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Prince, You Are So Cheap

Dream studio
Prince, You Are So Cheap
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Prince, You Are So Cheap Comics Online. I can finally marry you, he told her, with smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison.
But the man by the city gate tower keep yelling non-stop. If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die.
Yet, until the last moment she realized her heart had selected him from the start.

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Strong Female Lead
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Joan Bency
The thing is personality characters are changing too fast. Lianxia was once a person who loved zhu wuxin so much that he made a dead zhu wuxin the empress, he buried her body in the imperial mausoleum and refused to give Ning an that title. He never even had a wedding with wuxin but he still made her the empress. And he could control ning an and sir yin then for years. His mom had no issue with any of that. Even after she returned and they got married he was the sweet guy and beiwang was the guy who forced her to leave her husband. Lianxia was always respectful of her decision and we all saw his love and concern for wuxin and the baby. But then all of a sudden every character changed.
Beiwang is not obsessive anymore. Lianxia still loves and cares. But he loves his position more now. The personality transition was too big and quick that it feels unreal and a little bit stupid.
I am not blaming the author, maybe it was part of their plans. But I have to say, this change now was a bad choice. Even if there should be a change in male lead, it should have been taken slowly little at a time. Or Lianxia shouldn't have been shown as such a perfect guy at all.
The character Lianxia changes too much throughout the story. First he was cunning, arrogant and pompous, then he became obsessive and cruel. Then we saw a sweet and loving Lianxia, but now all we see is an ignorant guy. It's just sad.
Coco Cookiss: Same now~ 🤭🤭🤭
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aaaahhhhh.... finally... I read the whole thing..... all i want to say now is that those chapters where she was lovey dovey with liaxia were like a torture to me.... otherwise I am a person to read 100-150 chapters a day (as you can see I have no other work to do) I started reading it on 3rd December aiming to finish it around 8th December but it took me soooo long just because of those chapters in between where she got all lovey dovey with liaxia married him fought his harem... I mean like reading it really madee nauseous.. I am a sole supporter of wuxin and beiwang here... not being able to see him made me go mad at this thing.. therefore I left it midway and then picked it up and beared with it.. but now I see some development here when both of the men are chasing after her and she's running away.. I would have left this comic long ago because it's not really worth reading a comic where you don't like fl and ml but then I heard people who have read the novel that she's gonna end up with beiwang so.. I'm here.. now that I've reached till the last update till date.. it would be less painful to see her loving lianxia (yuck!) I want her to end up with beiwang and people and pictures of this comic tells me the same thing. if this happens I'm sure it will be one of it's kind comic where fl marries and has sex with a man other than the ml... I haven't found any comic where fl screw other guy except for the ml.... and now I know lianxia lovers are not gonna spare meh.. 😅
Abigail Perrin: I read until around 1 O'clock in the morning!!!
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Lianxia has no real power. He can't really make Wuxin happy because he has duties above the ordinary man. He will just make her lonely. He claims that he "loves" her but he is the emperor. He cannot put Wuxin above his duties. I hope he just sets her free. Wuxin is from the future and probably doesn't care much about position and power, she just probably wants to live a carefree life with a man who will only have eyes for her, sans concubines. And Lianxia is the least person to be able to do that. Because, being the "emperor" comes first. Meaning love is probably not even in the list of priorities. Lianxia is still a man, and one who still thinks from the waist down. The way I look at it, it's more about possessing Wuxin, making her, his. Like a prize he has obtained and needs to maintain. What he really feels has less to do with what he believes to be "love". Just my opinion.
Christine: It's Lanxia for now but I read in some comments that it's "Beiwang" in the end. Not sure at this point but I'm rooting for Beiwang.
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