K, the Cleanskin
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K, the Cleanskin

ToYou's Dream
K, the Cleanskin
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hey u all corona viruses.....just get lost.....he is now wearing mask and have sanitizer
🥀🖤DENGEL🤍🌹[lovely bitch]: lol 😂
Geeta Gandhi: can can...
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Kratos Taurus
Death is too simple for those bastards and their parents. If I were him I don't care about proving her innocence. I'll just kidnap every single one of the them including those high-school girls and the commenters and put them in a secret dungeon apart from the outside world and torture them every single second . Making them to regret being born into this world until I die. That they want to kill themselves before I kill them.
Himanshu: It is so disgusting that the society that we live in is so cold evil and rotten .
John Jeff: EXACTLY torture those sick F*cks
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Dirty bastards even laid there eyes on old woman.Disgrace to humankind.
moshawshin: really is very dark story
Jane: Sorry to bother, I am writing new Bl chat stories 'Tangled with you' and 'The love of a mutant', two totally different generes. As it's my first works so need honest opinions to improve. So if you feel interested please check them out. Thank you
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they sodomized n sexually assaulted her...omg😣😣
her dad should kill each n every boy that attacked her slowly 😨😨
Blue blood
I want to smash that police officer ... How can you say something like that . What if his parents are powerful person every person has the right to get justice even though his parents are powerful he is still a criminal and criminals should be punish for their wrong doing
Hugz and love 82: He should get a d**k up his a**
Kirmitha Yerra: Me too
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Special reader
instead of the dog dying from john wick the daughter died .... he's so badass
M Rib: yeh equivalent to CIA or MI6 intelligent services.... he is special forces....
Yao-momo✨: one thing is very different in john wick is that he killed someone so big that everyone he knew is trying to kill him
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Maybe the Director of NIS is looking at a bigger picture. Perhaps Kim Jin’s chief had briefed him on this matter. So, to bring down these people, to find evidence of their corruptions etc. the director has to be on a same level as them. The deeper he is into it, the more he know who involves in their circle.

Btw, this reminds me of a series called Vagabond on Netflix! Please watch it, it’s really good!
💜BTS=ARMY💜: sorry to bother you but plz read my novel
2. Rebirth of the mafia boss
Moh Sab: man please give more updates
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The dad wasn't there to be with her but i can't blame the dad. After all, the dad work hard & actually protecting her & do everything seems impossible for his daughter sake!

Dad, you're trying your best & always shows your strong side so that your daughter will get strong too. Stay strong & please get me a good ending 😭

It may not a happy ending if your family was assaulted like this so i can only wish for a good ending with all f*****s get their punishments 😢
I hate CRIMES (mostly molesting &raping girls) and I hate CRIMINALS(specially molesters &rapist).Such criminals should be cut into pieces and feed to dogs.
Theo Rapsing: yeahhhhhhhh
Theo Rapsing: yeahhhhhhhh
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Your 2milion won't bring his mother and daughter alive.. you bass-tard ..
Ah Da: Yeah
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Bangtan Army
i want to see a live action of this..
ohh he is genius he even knowed that he would die LOL
Author first of all I would like to thank you for publishing this realistic comic because it's the unbelievable truth happening in our world.

Justice can be easily buy only if they were rich and whatever crime it may no issue because money talks honey.

Author just make them pay more than hundred times of what they did.

In realistic world it can't happen but here we able to see so don't show even a dot of mercy to them just crush them like ant.

Author I just want to dedicate this comic to those innocent girls who suffered and died without justice.

When you make them suffer just do a mass revenging crazy update i dont want to miss it.

Once again thanks author ! ! !
루나 [1000 year young Ghost]: Thank you Author. *bows*
EliteHaste: i am very for this message
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Aswini Kumar
Boy you mess with the wrong guy....
Lina リナ
women can wear whatever they desire. And it’s not their fault for doing it. It’s the criminals that can’t calm their d’s
Kirmitha Yerra: It's because of people like these women never uphold their voice
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Tata girl 💜
don't kill him... just make him blind, mute ,deaf, and crippled
rain: I was having same thaught , btw I'm also bts💜army nice to meet girl 😁
Overlord: i am and and i just imagined that someone cuts my dick, it would not be so bad, its just tjat i couldn't have sex or masturbate, things that i already dont do
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God will punish those who use his word and name in vain...shameless 😡
Mr. Khan 💓-{MTDC-ADMIN}
hahaha NIS all the way...😎😎😎
Yuan Zun: nissan
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Victor's wife
OK who has seen the movie John wick?
Aimee Niki: meeee
Josh Arsenal: had seen it. Great movie
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Kwon Brats
I want to see how those abusers are now doing especially at school. I also want to see the faces of those kids, who pushed the poor daughter into killing herself, how would they react now that they know the truth that they verbally lead an innocent one into her deathbed.
Kwon Brats: That's who I meant my 2nd sentence for. Sadly the story's completed now
Min Yoon Pri: I want to see the reactions of the girls who bullied Kim suhee in the hostipal fighting over their ''oppas''
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