The Bride of Hades
Romance / Fantasy

The Bride of Hades

Cloud Studio
The Bride of Hades
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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The Bride of Hades Comics Online. Her house is, not the house! This shadow of a man lurking in the darkness is after her!
In sleep he whispered to her, in dreams he came.
"You're to be my bride. You're to be the mother of our son, the heir to the hell."
Who is this phantom? Who is the exorcist offering to expel the phantom for me? Who am I exactly?
Too many puzzles to solve...too many feelings to understand...

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Hottest Comments
that kiss was a must to end to end the date.
but what about the sticker on his head do people die if they touch it and she is the only one who is safe after touching it that's why he ran away to know what happened 🤯🧐
what a curious cat I'm
XxCutieXx: Hahahahaha curious cat
N.J: nice plot
total 115 replies
they are so cute like grand-father and grand-son
jackielynee: <3333333
buffulo sama: I agree
total 2 replies
I hate that fake selfish ex best friend of her... Hypocrite!!!!!! She have no right to give that advice to Yu....She is disgusting... felt cringy when she appeared again in front of Yu...shameless trying to give advice to Yu ...hahh!!! big words coming from a betrayer😠😠😤

Hades has always cared for Yu he may had another reason for that before but we can see that despite all that he really did cared for Yu... Yu only felt for him only for few moments but Hades was caring for her from start till now... sometime he shows his deep feeling for her but Yu never notice or acknowledge them...other time Yu was always running away or misunderstanding Hades for some reasons (if you read the story properly, we notice that) Then misunderstanding happened and Hades got angry and that fire thing happened... Still he came and is helping Yu to win her over while Yu is playing hard to get. So those who are hating Hades for his one mistake please understand everyone make mistake and that doesn't make him a bad person and maybe Hades was a Tsundare before so how he acted and how he feel doesn't match well... anyway whatever happened I like Hades.. Good luck winning over Yu again💗
.....~: panjang siakk.. ko nk buat novel ke ape kt komen ni
Anusha Mim: you are right and the FML is too nive to understand his love .
or she just doesn't want to understand
total 37 replies
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