The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian

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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
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Start with a bet between Lacy and her father......she end up falling in love in the course of winning this bet😍.....and in the end she was with the one she loves.
But that all was Lacy's father plan so that she was not married to Hamingson except the part where lacy fell for Ye😉😉😉(good job Lacy's dad)

Ye is with the one he love.....Eagan and Nanfeng and also Kim hoo are with their girlfriends.....poor Ming(author forgot about his love life😂😂) and he failed😅 but still Eagan,Ye,Lacy,Ming are together like they were in the beginning💕💕

In the end Ye's mom is reunited with her bestie😍 and has accepted Lacy's father...... to some extent😅

Hamingson had sad ending😢 but still he had someone who did care for till end (his half brother).....and was there in his tough time.
Lacy's brother became king.....but he should be complete this whole family😉😉....still it is good he is watching over Lacy.

Everything is normal and like it should have been.......thank you AUTHOR for such wonderful captivating storyline......with good twist and turns😁......the draw💕💕....these character...all where unique in one way or the other.also for making all those villain who defeated badly in the end.This ending😭is really good.
THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK and I hope you make 2nd season😉
Thank you mangatoon for not locking these episodes💕😅.....but it would is a type of story where even if it was locked it is worth of unlocking.😍💕💕💫
Katsuki Bakugo: yeah and it's funn
SHUT YOUR MOUTHHOLE😡😡😒😒: Yeah,that anime is so cool🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍
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Wow the author is a genius. He knows how to make the most unlikeable characters become a love able one with twists and turns! Hemingson was, indeed, very misunderstood. I thought what he felt for lacy was not love, but pure obsession, but I was wrong. He was genuinely in love with her. It’s sad how tragically his life ended.

I love this story a lot, and I feel like this is coming to an end very soon, which makes me sad and happy at the same time. I hope if possible there will be a season 2 for this one, it’s such a good story!!!

Enough of the sad scenes, more happy ones please! 😭
Arshiya: yeah.. I agree! without seeing those comments below I just promoted my chat story like an idiot... I humbly🙏🙏 apologize for that... I am sorry!! I have also deleted my promotional comment😅😅😅and yeah sorry if my deed hurted you!!!

we chat story writers don't get that much recognition compared to comics... so we use to promote our stories in different comments section of the comics... just in a hope that we could get some readers attention.. nothing much... sorry 🙏 again for troubling you😅😅

****itried a lot... since you blocked my account.. that is 👑AK👑I couldnt write this from my account.... no harsh feelings... have a nice day🤗
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Ha Yin
I think she’s one of the heir of the five families 🤔

1. Remember how she won the flower arrangement competition? It is usually learned by aristocrats
2. She was also kidnapped (with the male lead) when she was a kid. Maybe the kidnappers purpose was to kidnap the heirs of the five families (not just any random kids) 🤷🏻‍♀️
3. She talked about how other girls won’t understand the struggle of the heir of 5 families, but she can 😏
4. She also said she didn’t understand the importance of her identity but now she does. So her true identity should be really important
5. She was confident about her future with the male lead and would do anything to be with him, even if it means breaking her promise with her father
6. And the title of this comic, ‘Heiress’ which I believe refers to Lacy

Well, these are just my assumptions so they might be wrong 😂 So don’t attack me if it turns out that she doesn’t belong to one of the five families 🙏🏻
♥️Fairy Tailer♥️: It’s ok if you say it once, but there are people in this very platform who are literally mentioning each person and be like “read my novel/chat story”. And the most recent comments here were all about promoting stories. And what do you mean “make your own story” and how is that relevant? I am trying to tell you guys that it’s annoying when you spam people for your own gain. Saying ONCE is ok in one SINGLE comment section.
-sky night-✯AGMp✯: nope we are not fighting i just telling her that
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Siya Jain
Oh come on!!!! I don't get why most of the people here are obsessed with not being able to see lacy and ye!!!!!
I mean.. I get it.. they were the main characters as of season one!!! They are married now!!! What else do you all wanna know about them?????

Besides author didn't just throw them out of the story right???!!! They are still there supporting Rosy and Jameo!!! this plot is good, mysterious and also super interesting!!!!!! This is totally amazing!!!!
People who are getting bored of can you really just give any good justifiable, reasonable reason for being bored???!!!!!! I get it!!! I get it!!!!!! you all want ye and lacy!!! Well they are still there!!! They haven't disappeared into thin air out of blue!!!!!
But why exactly do you all want to see them in each and every chapter when they are not supposed to be all "lovey dovey" because of lacy's Dad!!!!! Since you can't see their romance.... what else do you wanna see????
You wanna see them just because they were the the leads in season one???? don't you all think that they had their part of story already told???? they are married, happy, their life is almost settled!!!! And what the hell is wrong making their friends and brother the main characters in the second season????? isn't that a good plot??? and it's authors decision!!!!!
come on folks!!! just read it if you want to!!! Learn to move on... along with the story and it's plot!!!!
Sapphire Grace: Yess I love this new story
🌟Fallen star🌠: Yes u r corect 💜💜💜
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Neng Skie
They should make a separate story about Rosy and jemeo cuzz they r perfect together

And it's true that hilary is the daughter of the president of south korea but she isn't royal blood she is only noble but not royal after a few years or soo she won't be the daughter of the president for long they will sooner or later change presidents further more she is too arogant to be picked by jemeo but in Rosy's case she is born with noble blood not only noble but royal since she is the daughter of the queen and king soo she is basically a queen or princess and soo on she is the best candidate to be jemeo's queen perhaps it would benefit them both not only for there countries but also since they get along well and they both like or perhaps love each other

I appreciate the new love story but could you guys make a separate story for them I wanna see more lacy and ye I mean there the fl and ml they deserve better I just wanna see lacy and ye be happy without there parents little minion btw thakyou for this amazing story I would appreciate if you do more ye and Lacy scenes and could you have a crazy update thankyou
Lily: ya that's interesting 🙂
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Manvi upadhyay
hey author,
i just want to share my views yesterday I was reading this comic again from the starting and in all the chapters of the first season I can't stop my smile , laugh, and amazement. the previous chapters were all lighthearted and funny. and lady's character would light up the whole moment. but as soon as we headed upon the second season I just felt that the comic has completely lost it's actual punch,. I am really missing lacy and he's light hearted moments moments shared by them in Royal garden their friendship. but compared to the previous season this season looks a complete mess. I personally don't like rosy the reason is not because her character is 'nt appealing but because she is stealing Lacy's lime light. I think their love story should be treated as a side keeping lady's and ye as main. and also I almost thought that lacy is just nothing as compared to her so you can guess how she is taking lady's place which I am personally not liking. and this request is not only funny side but from most of the readers author we all love your work and even appreciate it, but please make this comic more romantic❤❤, sweet, and funny. I think it's becoming a mistery thriller and every episode is so serious . please take this as a consideration. I have no prsnl grudges towards this comic but pls work upon this part this is an humble request from most of the readers 😔😔🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏
Shikachu❤️: yeah..😤
Ye York: Agree!! 😤
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In the NEXT ep
Jaemo will help Rosy, Rosy will not get punish, but the b*tches that trying to hurt meh precious Mei still in trouble) then Jaemo ask Rosy to be his actual gf... not like right now, Rosy is agreeing to be Jaemo's gf just because of a bet?? (Kinda)

Then EP 274
Rosy and Jaemo dance together at the collage anniversary party (at that moment, I was screaming like crazy) then Hillary decided to do something bad (I know that she's going to do something bad cuz from the look of her face)

That's it for the spoiler
Thank you for reading :)
Shw: How and where can I find this website??😅
Chen Li ....💗: U can read the Spoilers In OhmManga Website ...its in Chinese but u can find the manga there easily by looking for the Picture of the Manga ....😊
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I don’t know why people are so mad about Lacy and Ye not being the center of attention in this season. It can happen, and plus it’s not like they were completely taken out of the plot of season 2, either. I honestly love Jaemo x Rosy, they are the couple that I have been craving so much for since I started reading manhuas on here. She is the exact image of my version of a strong and perfect FL, badass, domineering, independent, doesn’t need the ML to be the center of attention, refuses to cry or submit when things get tough for her, etc. It’s not like this ship is boring or unlikable, they are just as good as Ye x Lacy. I do miss the comedy elements that Lacy and Ye did bring to this story, though, so I do kind of understand why people want them to be the main ship. Either way, this story is so so well-written and it’s still a very organized story, plus it’s fun to read. I have no complaints tee hee!
Okay.. There is still lots of people complaining about the fl and ml problem.

First of all, can't y'all just accept the fact that the story change... Like I get it, this manga is supposed to be about Lacy and Ye but think for moment.. their both already married!! What drama do you guys want from them?? Do you guys really want the same drama/plot just like in S1.. Bruh... If the story keeps that way, lots of people probably get bored of the story if the story have the plot and twist all over again.

Second, this is the auhors choice. If the author want to change things up, just let him/her be, the author is the one who made the story... Y'all can't just ask tell the author to change the plot, y'all not the one who write the story, AUTHOR IS

Third, for the people who arent complaining about this... Well... I'm glad you aren't cuz the people who ARE complaining about this they are... Let's just say... THEY'RE ANNOYING :|
meteor garden obsessed: Exactly if they don’t like they can stop reading it it’s that simple they are making it complicated for themselves
🌸: trueeeeee
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Mii Cc
I'm slowly getting bored of this manga bcoz, there is no YE and LACY Anymore... Author is now only focusing on Rosy and Jaemo... Every time I come here, hoping to see YE and LACY back... but every time I get disappointed, Coz, there is only Rosy and Jaemo now...
Honestly speaking I liked this manga because of YE and LACY'S Story , i didn't came here for Rosy and jaemo at the first place,but now all chapters are full of rosy ,jaemo and all.... I don't dislike or hate them, but it's already enough of Rosy and jaemo. Author Pls bring back YE and LACY... it's "The Heiress Vs Young Ruffians" Story Not the Queen Vs King...
tobio chan: Well,this story hasn’t ended yet and maybe there’s some surprise waiting for us since we are not the Author
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I'm not fat I'm thicc
In my opinion,if author wanted the rosy and jaemo love story,he/she would've made a new series! because people expect the love story of Ye and lacy.the main plot is gone because now the lead is rosy and jaemo not those original leads,it wouldv'e been okay if it was a seperated story,because these 4 love birds journey different alot,like to the 2 young heir to the king and queen?!? wha-?
Sarah : Ahh I miss Ye and Lancy so much 😩
~Pheonix~: THANK YOU
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Siya Jain
wait what??? you said that lacy and rosy are lame?!!!! hahahahahaha no girl no it's you who is lame....
well you are not to blame since you are just being hot headed and yea little did you know about rosy being the queen!!!!!! you my dear are nowhere near her..not even in your dreams

And I guess even mei is a big shot but just hiding like lacy used to because of some... situations..maybe!!
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poor girl 😂she doesn't know anything about rosy!😂😂but is it just me or did this happen with lacy too!she pretended to be a noble and for love ye was ready to give up his position in the five great families.

this is similar rosy pretending to be a noble. and now jaemo will be ready to give up the crown but just then I guess rosy will show up as the real queen and shock everyone.
but I really love this comic a lot 💞😍. thank you author for writing such an amazing comic!☺️☺️☺️
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copy in pot.
Break stone with chest.

This couple is always sacage
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Bruh,the more deeper we go witg rosy and jameo's story the more less we see the "PROTAGONISTS" it be fine if this was a separated story,but this issue is interrupting on whats gonna be the plot for Lacy and the Royal Garden....ik i have a choice to leave,but this is my fav. i cant just leave it and like forget bout it,bc when i read this the plots were amazing and now the plots are revolving through The new "Protagonists"

but author dont feel bad bout yourself bc of our opinions,were just talking bout this since were seeing less on what the story plots are,its kinda comfusing how it was Lacy and Ye's story (//・_・//) i still like this Comic tho,but i recommen you should have made this a new Comic and just had ended this on Lacy and Ye's Marriage,but no hate and have a good day Author and Readers ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Sorry if i sounded mean...iam just stating an opinion...
•Yuri•: You've got a point tho
Ashi_1807: their story isnt done, if so why would there father let them go back to maste degree? so practically theres more to it.
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I'm not stopped into laughing yet,Lacy and Ye makes me laugh always and the others too...
I'm really gladly to see this and read this.
This Manga toon is the best best best or number 1 to me...
And this whole story I really really really love 😍 it
How they're met Lacy and Ye I will never forget that in the start it's really great and an till now there are new character now Rosy,Cloy and Mei. I love couples Lacy ♥️ Ye and Mr. Cen ♥️ Rosy ayieee... but I miss the others too
Eagan, Ming, and Feng I wander what are they're doing?
Well that's it ...
Wait... Lacy is a good cooker right
why her cakes are not taste good? I wander why? she served as their maid in the past...
Aida Lee: she may be a good cook but not a baker
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sahithi pakki
author I got a Continusion story for you I mean 2nd season the story hero is son of Romeo and Rosy and the heroin is daughter of Lacy and ye.
hero is Hamingson he was reborn as son of Romeo and heroin name is Alice Hamingson is 2 year elder than Alice.since Alice born Hamingson love her and also hate Romeo for taking his throne and ye for taking Lacy from him actually he remembered his past life and get realize his mistake but in this life his story changed if you want Continusion please tell me because I don't know how to create manga by the way heroin has long silver hair and pure fair skin
hello friends I am very glad that I have meet this app 🌺 mangatoon app🌺 I really appreciate it and I love it.. but I don't know what will gonna happen in future......if my second world (mangatoon app) will be banned by people I will be very sad,mad maybe cry a lot ...... but I will never forget that from this app I had learned a lot about myself & hope.... in the end mangatoon app is the best app even I get... thanks to everyone writer who made comic and posted on mangatoon...... but I wish to god .. plz don't Ban this app this is my second world.......🌹 I don't know what will gonna happen but wish to be carry on with my mangatoon app.....
anjali..💝: thanks friend
Aisha A 🇮🇳: don't feel sad
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come and lacy story already ended ...the main thing about any ml and fl are the times how they fall in love with each they pass obstacles and lacy have already gone through noboby could even separate ofcourse they are not seriously main attention right now......
Maliha Binte Rabbani: exactly... now we want to see Jaemo and Rosy's love story..
_Erika_: i admit it... they ARE supporting characters ...many stories show the story of supporting characters also.......but that doesn't mean that author TOTALLY STOP showing lacy and ye's moments....besides who knows how their story would enfold in future.....
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girl you should be the one to regret the decision you made lol clearly you want to climb to the to because you want to be with Jaemo. Yet you can't because he's clearly into Rosy. And now your using her fake position 'noble' to the royals. I can't even imagine your reaction if you will know that Rosy is a queen. And beside a 'QUEEN' is not a match to a daughter of a president 😌💅 just sayin the facts.
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BILLIONAIRE: Hello please read my novel named "MONEY SUDDENLY APPEARED" Feel free to comment the loopholes
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