Bringing The National Husband Home
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Bringing The National Husband Home

Bringing The National Husband Home
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Eze Ijeoma Agujiobi
rereading it again. l don't think I will ever get tired of reading this novel
Jaslyn Santos: same!!!!!! 3 times almost
Arreid'cruz: woahhhh 961likes !!!!! even manga stamped it as a hot comment.
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💞 Hakken💞
This story is awesome it gives me a lot off JOY,, HATE,, TEARS and LOVE... I love this so much ♥️♥️ i recommended this story to all of you guys its worth spending your time and efforts. 👍👍(SHMILY)
Reign Tungul: my meek hurts because when I read like this my head is looking down and I spend a whole day reading and even my eyes is burning but I like the story I'm so touched by the story I even cried but I wish that maybe they showed as how the set up for there weeding and there child
little deer💕: hey if you like chat story I have started my first chat story OUR WAY OF DESTINATION have look you'll like it 😊😊
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I loooooooved this story so so much 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕💜
Shiela Marie Reyes: pls follow me im just new in MANGA TOON😢😢😢😢😢😢
Nazeera Ismail: Star Queen Sneha! Queen kamui mr .excied
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this is great.....i loved this story from the bottom of my heart...even if anna n ginny had so many misunderstandings between them, they still cared for one another and wanted to be by eqch others side...they couldnt do anything without each other...
ginny would do soo much kind and sweet things for anna n would always protect her...this love story wad amazing and i have never read such a beautiful comic like this one....
love is expressed in so many ways and it makes me wanna fall in love, get a boyfriend/husband like ginny....handsome one like him , be beautiful like anna and but...sadly this imagination of mine will never come true😥
blackpink enthusiast: i completed it in one day...i just finoshed this last is currently 1:39 am in my was worth did not write a single comment betwenn the episodes cuz i was so curious to see what was going to happen next....i am sad now..coz i finished it...
Jhenny Lee Mendoza: well said! but there someone like anna.. he love someone n first sight. ilove comics too..❤
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Reñieza Cayabyab
very sweet love story iver read
Shania M
I’ve read his whole story in less than a day with no regrets. Forever my favorite. Frustrating with all the misunderstandings in the beginning, middle...almost to end. BUT NO - we were salvaged the thought and this god/goddess of an author blessed us for them to be together officially. The rest was honestly worth the wait, wish I could see the baby though! It’s late and I’m so glad it’s New Years and I don’t have to work early this morning. Recommend this to my sister.
And for those out there who are afraid of confessing their love to someone, just go for it!! I did in my past, and even though we aren’t together, I’m still happy as ever because I know there is someone in my future. So heart ache or not, you will eventually get a happy ending.
Never give up on love, it will find you!
And if you get inpatient that Prince Charming didn’t find you yet, be patient. He probably got stuck in a tree or something.

#Ginnyisgoals #whatislove #cameinto2019single #thisstorychangesyourperspectiveonlove #beststoryever #HappyNewYear #loveforeveryone #TheLu’saregoingtohavecutebabies
noitsnotlily: vv omg seriously? what is it called??
shayy: Do you guys know they have an anime on it? The anime has 3 seasons
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Disha Narjinary
This means he intentionally did bad in his high school exam so he can go to same class as her , Class 3 .
I’m Sorry But: Lol I figured when he was with his book studying that he wouldn’t try his best
Ice cream U scream: Awwwws so sweet...
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I can really smell jelly😥😂😂
#ENDING# I love this story and I hope you all enjoy my ending. To me, this is one of the most beautiful love stories. Sorry for the length but I felt it needed that closure...

The next day, Anna wakes from the sunlight shining through the bedroom window. Rolling over, she smiles at the sight of Ginny’s sleeping face on the pillow beside her. Thinking back to last night, she whispers, “Honey” and reaches out to stroke his hair. Without opening his eyes, Ginny’s lips curl into a huge grin while his arms stretches out and wraps tightly around Anna. Surprised, Anna lets out a squeal.
Anna: “You’re awake!”
Ginny slowly opens his eyes and pulls Anna tightly against his bare chest. She relaxes against him, listening to the gentle beating of his heart. Placing her hand on his chest, she leans up to give him a kiss.
Anna: “Good morning Honey!”
Ginny pulls her up and kisses her passionately, rolling her over onto her back, he continues kissing her from her lips, to her cheek and ears. He pauses for a second to whisper, “Good morning Honey,” into her ear before continuing his assent of kisses down her neck towards her chest. Anna lets out a small moan and wraps her hands around his face to pull him back up to her lips. After a few minutes, they pull away from each other, panting and out of breath.
Ginny: “13 years…I’ve been waiting for this moment for 13 years. I never thought this was possible…” He looks down at his Anna, at the woman he has loved for 13 years, the woman he would have given anything for. Anna reaches up and touches his cheek, he leans into the palm of her hand and smiles.
Anna: “I love you Ginny. Since the day I met you, all I have done was try to get close to you…” She smiles at Ginny, as smile reserved only for him and continues, “You’re my world, my only love, and I hope I can be with you for as long as I live. You won’t be alone anymore. I’m sorry…” A tear rolls down Anna’s eyes as she recalls the last 13 years. “I’m sorry I waited so long to tell you. I’m sorry I didn’t notice earlier. If only…” Ginny doesn’t let her finish, he collapses onto her and gives her another deep, passionate kiss. He takes her breath away and when he comes up for air, he brushes away her tear and says, “Oh JoJo. I love you so much. None of that matters anymore. We’re here now, let us move forward from here.” Anna nods and squeezes Ginny tightly in her arms.
Meanwhile, Annie and James are at Ruby Hsu’s villa attempting to clear up the misunderstanding between James and Anna.
Annie: “Aunt Hsu, you see, I didn’t know that it was Ginny that Anna loved. I didn’t think that my recording would hurt everyone so much. I didn’t want to marry James and…”
Mrs. Hsu: “That enough! Haven’t you done enough already! Get out!! Get out of here!” Frowning, James ushers Annie out of the villa.
James: “Come on, let her calm down.” Looking back at the villa, James sighs. “Let’s go see how we can help Ginny and Anna plan their wedding.”
A month later, Ginny and Anna have their wedding. It was a grand affair, everyone was invited and even the media was allowed in to film and broadcast the event. It was the event of the century, everyone was talking about it. Ginny spared no expense, he was going to make sure Anna had everything she wanted, that the world knew how much he loved her and that this event could never be forgotten. The reception was magical, and the wedding vows brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Mrs. Hsu did not show up to the wedding, but she watched it from home, cursing at their happiness.
Seven months later, Anna gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Ginny and Anna had decided to step out of the limelight to focus on their growing family. After news of their 13 year love story got out, they were approached by many people wanting to write about their story. With the help of Ginny’s American friend, they agreed to a tell-all interview, which lead to a biography, that became a best-selling novel, that grew into a novel based on their story, and now they are in production for a movie. The Shmily company that Ginny created has finally made profits. Ginny and Anna’s love story are now told world wide as one of the greatest and most tested love stories of all time. The royalties, Shmily and Global Entertainment brought in more profit than they every anticipated. Their story was awed by people around the world and although they both stopped acting, they were still one of the hottest couples in the world. Everything they touched profited, Hsu Group recovered and everyone wanted a piece of the Ginny/Anna magic touch.
On the first month’s celebration for Anna and Ginny’s son, Mrs. Hsu surprised everyone by attending the celebration. When she walked into the room, everyone fell silent. With all the publicity of the 13 year love story, everyone knew Ruby Hsu’s involvement. James walks up to his mother, whom he hasn’t spoken to in almost a year.
James: “Mom, what are you doing here?” Mrs. Hsu turns to her son with remorse and sadness written all over her face. He couldn’t help but notice how much she has aged in the past year. She was still the proud woman he knew but the lines around her eyes showed years of torment and suffering. She gives James a small smile, places her frail hand on her son, and whispers as she walks towards Anna and Ginny, “I’m sorry.”
Flabbergasted, James watches as his mother approach Anna and Ginny. Mandy and Assistant Shen step in front of Mrs. Hsu.
Mrs. Hsu: “Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt anyone.” Ginny steps forward, shielding Anna and their son.
Ginny: “What can we do for you?” Mrs. Hsu signs and bows her head. Anna lets out a gasp and rushes towards her.
Anna: “Please stand up. What are you doing?” There are whispers in the background, the proud Mrs. Hsu is bowing her head before Ginny. What’s going on? Mrs. Hsu ignores the whispers and gently places a hand on Anna’s shoulder. Looking up from Anna, to Ginny and finally down at their son, a single tear runs down her cheek.
Mrs. Hsu: “I’m sorry for all the suffering you both had to endure because of me. I know now how wrong I was.” She turns to her son, “James, you’re right. It’s not Ginny’s fault. I only wanted what was best for our family. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” James smiles and embraces his mother. She gently steps back and turns to Ginny. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. You didn’t deserve this, you have always been good to James, I know that now…thank you.” She turns away, but Ginny stops her.
Ginny: “It’s all in the past now. Would you care to stay and join us?” Mrs. Hsu looks from Ginny, to Anna, to her son and tears flow from her face. James wraps his arm around her shoulder shielding her from everyone. Ruth rushes up to them.
Ruth: “Let me take Mrs. Hsu to clean up.” She exchanges glances with James who releases his mother to her. “We’ll be right back.” Mrs. Hsu follows Ruth to the washroom.
The remainder of the evening ended without any disruptions. Mrs. Hsu has finally reconciled with everyone. Ginny and Anna announced Ruth and James as their son’s godmother and godfather. With the approval of Mrs. Hsu, James announced he will give 10% of the Hsu’s Group shares to his godson as a gift, to be entrusted to his brother, Ginny until their son comes of age.
A year later, James proposes to Ruby at Anna’s baby shower. Ginny and Anna had planned this surprise proposal with James to surprise Ruby. He has been struggling with convincing her that he was serious about her. As godmother to their first son, Ruby had to be present for the baby shower of their second child. After breaking through Ruby’s tough exterior, through tears, she agreed to marry James. With the Hsu Group flourishing, the reconciliation of the Hsu and Jo Family, the James and Ruby engagement, and Anna’s second pregnancy, everything is going well and they all live happily ever after. The End.
Fighting!!!!🧚‍♀️: I love it, a happy ending💖

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Thank you...
Kjoy 96: Lovelots to this story. I definitely enjoyed it 💖✨ God bless
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my mother thought that i am crazy a few mins ago i was crying like a pig and after a few mins i feel like the happiest person in the world
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if he liked her then why he keep it a secret and say that he hates her...I don't really understand him at all ughh!!!
Sasha Braus: lol ganyan talaga tagu-taguan ng feelings 😂😂😂
JD Gojar: yeaaa but im so "kilig" kinikilig
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Elyza Mckyl Teofilo
are you a vampire dude?
DAISY: yes he is
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I just want to enter in this Freaking Manga ang do all this things:

1. Kill the F*cking Sister of Anna.

2. Tell him that, Anna have a feelings on him and she don't like James. "Dude, She Freaking Likes you!"

Please, Let me in! Goddamnit!
Luna Estrella: same, huhu
kanny6: Dunno why but I can feel ur frustration... Bruh 🤣🤣
total 13 replies
Iza Van Trier
Bella: Yes yes you are the only one who gets me!
Simron ~.<: Ikr..! I have been thinking about it tooo....
total 7 replies
this manga should be named as 'world of misunderstanding '
Angel_Army_777: jeez..😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
William Dorfer: Congratulations!!
total 15 replies
I just want to give this Girl's face a 180° slap🙃
Gaming_With _Destiny: instead of a 360° I would do a 960°
Duniyo Jama: TBH that is crazy but I gotcha u
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I can't even laugh, I'm trying hard not to cry tho .. I feel like this is something happening right in front of me cos it feels so real and the emotion is so Crazy it ruins my mind.. And it hurts a lot to see such a wonderful guy go through hell, even tho he seems happy now, I don't think it's real happiness.. I think he needs something like reassurance. Jojo jumping to marriage is good but first u should actually break those chains that tied him down and hurt him for years.. Sit him down first and tell him your whole story from beginning to end and also how you lost your cellphone after the incident at home.. I don't know why u over looked such an important matter n jumped to marriage cos I feel whats haunting him now is the weight and pain from ur last text to him which originally was sent by his mofo step mom.. Please just clear this cold air first cos its the most important rn
Hailey Gayle: i feel you bro :<
baby boy eun woo: very true.but Jojo did not knew about the text.she think that Ginny is mad at her cause she didn't showed up on valentine's day dinner.
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Love Killa💛🔫
The Director face.. 😂i can feel u mister
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park mochi
"GINNY, GINNY, GINNY" damn Anna's sister is getting on my nerves- LIKE, SHE HAS A BF. STOP THINKING ABOUT GINNY
LaxyBqtch: eunice nyo galit na HAHAHAHAHAHA
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Funmi Akande
it is all her sister fault
Pam Yanara: Yeah blame her sister cuz she started all of this.
Pam Yanara: Yeah blame her sister cuz she started all of this.
total 3 replies
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