Chu, Please Love Me
Romance / CEO / Completed

Chu, Please Love Me

Cloud Studio
Chu, Please Love Me
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Chu, Please Love Me Comics Online. She has loved that man for nearly ten years yet he chose to turn a blind eye to her confession. Only when she gave up and made up her mind to leave him did he realize that he can’t stand the life without that little girl who has always been his side… this time, let me follow you and give you my perfect love.

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My parents didn't know what I am doing in phone
they thought that I am reading or studying as I am a topper of my class
Actually I am reading
not my syllabus
but manga
This is too disturbing I cannot concentrate on my studies due to this
I think I am gonna fail these time
but I have to control my self for this.....
Anybody any suggestions to read manga as well as
doing studies too...
Because if I won't study I will create more problems maybe in future I can't afford my net pack Bill
so tensed yrr...
please guys give me suggestions
suho😘😘😘❤️❤️😍😍😍: u can read bringing the national husband home. its an amazing story. i am sure it won't disappoint u
Ãshkam: If u like to read too..can u check my story "My Psycho Boss"... u might like it too... please 😶❤❤
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Im just gonna say my opinion and u can hate me. First of all, Shao is a good guy and I think he is a better person to be with he is reliable, nice, kind, and loyal. Second of all, if u keep liking Chu you guys would keep misunderstanding each other and would have problems cuz you guys were family not blood related tho. Third, if you accepted Shao you would be able to forget Chu and isn't that what Bo Huan wants?! Fourth, why did you throw Shao? You could've just said I don't have feelings for you dont just blatantly reject him in such a harsh way (dont hate me for this)
purly🐾 divine💜: matlab kuch bhi
purly🐾 divine💜: matlab kuch bhi
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Anjali Palve
A perfect manga for me.....where ML and FL always trust each trust issues....always there for each other....other bit**es trys to come between them but nothing happens to their love for each other...literally their love is for forever.

A friends like MUCHEN and TANG....who were with them always...

A great foster parents who never trys to harm the FL

An amazing hospital staff....their nurses..😂

Many incidents also took place between them where their trust for each other be shattered....but nothing...
A great manga for me....
Ãshkam: Hey, if u enjoy romantic chat stories...give these stories a try too -
It won't disappoint you.. Please❤❤
jadeempress: Nope not at all, you should know that you are entitled to your own opinions and shouldn’t mind if anyone or even me gets offended by it. It’s a free world after all.
Stay safe from the Rona
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