Prince's Private Baby
Romance / Completed

Prince's Private Baby

Cloud Studio
Prince's Private Baby
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Prince's Private Baby Comics Online. After sleeping with a strange man, she accidentally becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby son, but she finds that exactly a pair of twins were born at that time. When she meets that man again, he puts her on the wall, "Sleep with me and then run away? Just wait and see…" "

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Why are the men in these mangas like this?
Girl gets pregnant and her bf finds out and breaks up with her and goes with her bff/sister.
Female lead finds out it was her bff/sister that drugged her. After a few years passed and she has had the baby she will somehow meet up with the male lead and work for him but doesn't like him. She doesn't notice her child and the boss has a strong resemblance. Starts developing feelings for the man and dates him the out of the blue the man's ex/female bff/fiancée comes becomes a part of the thing. Did I mention rival is absolutely beautiful and everyone likes her but she's actually a snake? Makes the male lead do something and the female lead gets sad/angry and meets up with her ex who instantly falls back in love with her. And yeah you no what's gonna happen next
Archer: where is the original ideas
Archer: so true
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Toka Saphira
As a mom of twins, unless they were born very premature, (which alot are) YOU KNOW to some extent that there are 2 different things moving in there. I had 2 singleton sons, before the birth of my twin daughters. With a singleton, any movement or kicking kind of echoes inside especially as they get bigger. My boys were well over 9.5lbs (+4.4kg). So it they kicked your ribs, you can feel it in your hips too.
Twins DEFINITELY feel different. My girls were big, for twins, too. One was 8lbs 3 oz (3.7kg) the other was 7lbs 9oz (3.4kg). You know by 36 weeks the difference in the positions of each kick, and there is an echo, but much smaller area. Half of your belly is dancing a jig, the other is still as a stone, 2 minutes later they switch. You can even get glimpses of the differences in there personality in utero. Baby A, Angelic, was stubborn, if she got into a position she liked, she stayed there. She also loved to move when I started to talk. Baby B, Anabella, kicked slower and softer, she'd seem to wait till things were quiet before she'd dance. My girls are forever 15 and 16 yrs old now. Angelic glowed when given attention, Bella shys away from it. Angelic was talkative, Bella is quiet. Angelic was very stubborn, Bella super chill. Angelic liked to move, Bella likes to daydream. Night & Day.
Miso05: The fa s'y that parents are on mangatoon 😅my parents will kill me when they gead my stories
̃JxssaVø ̃: I have a twin, and we were 1 week early, and our parents told us that we were really weak back then, but both of my twin and I are healthy now.
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Satan In Disguise 😈
Sick of how some people in the comments being annoying asf! Like bruh, if you think the comic is getting boring or sick of how both the ML & FL being stupid, clueless or how both them being an irresponsible parents asf towards the twins, then it's your opinion but don't go & *attack* the author for it. Y'all do have to remember that the twins want their parents to bond as often as they can even if it means not looking after them ( plus, the twins is wayyy more mature & responsible than their parents but it's understandable since it's fictional & that's pretty much how most comics work & as a reader, we have to accept that even if it doesn't make sense sometimes ) & even if they want to reveal the truth to both ML & FL, they need some sort of evidence before confronting their parents ( I mean it's not enough to just go show they face, they still need the DNA results & gather more evidence of the wrongdoing from the FL sister & step mother ). And I'm pretty sure there's been a LOT of spoilers revealing that they will have thing sorts out on chapter 229 so if y'all really can't wait & think the stories / plot line getting boring, then feel free to skip the comic & wait till chapter 229 rather than throwing tantrum over the comment section 😒 Jesus like some of y'all literally have zero chill at all! Okay I'm done stating my opinion & rambling so feel free to attack me with your opinion & dissatisfaction~
+BoMuyi=2Bos: No one ever said the comments all have to be positive. They're saying that the author shouldn't be criticized just because some readers are making the same irrational judgments of fictional characters that are often made of real life people. If they want to criticize the author for something criticize them for things like upholding the unequal power dynamics between genders rather than helping the author to uphold them.
+BoMuyi=2Bos: Yup!!!!!!! Hope you know you were most likely agreeing with me! 😀
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