A Pretty’s Super Zombie
Action / Romance / Completed

A Pretty’s Super Zombie

ShenYu Comics
A Pretty’s Super Zombie
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Mr. X
Zombie going to hospital......
To do what??
Check his blood pressure or heart beat????
Jarelle Anne Bajo: lol like gurl he a zombiii like Lol
king: So good I can’t stop it
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When you try to learn karate from a book at home and think your a black belt now
Hazinx: Hey guys if you have spare time can I bother you to read my episode 0 prolouge of dungeon mania don't forget to leave a comment and please support me on my journey as a writer!
❤️hopeless~romantic❤️: Will do
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Love Lay
I think what they mean by a zombie in this story is VAMPIRES 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
How in the world would zombies drink blood, instead they would eat their BRAINS 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Kristine Santos: yeah vampire not a zombie
Raxin: I agree
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why he suddenly so fine with sunlight
Christian Gonzaga: Hahaha first job first enemy hahahah
🌸Sakura•Bloomer🌸: The woman ghost said; avoid afternoon sunlight, so morning sunlight probably doesn't count?
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Jeremiah Seiuli
no she was no raised like a boy, she was raised like a little shit/criminal
Sam_is_here😊: Tbh I couldnt agree more...she's a big time bish...
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Anaysza Ashby
i thunk she needs a Snickers bar
fallen♠️♥️angel♠️🖤🤍: Then I’m gonna steal it from you
fallen♠️♥️angel♠️🖤🤍: It could be tho 🤣🤣🤣🙂
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Adam Anugeraha
one important thing to wonder guys, how the f**k an underage kid enters the casino?
Vicky R: Well I don't know about China but in some countries like mine just going with a parent is enough to let you in if you aren't an adult. 🙃 Well in my country casinos that aren't in capital or in too big cities do that sometimes (not all of them normally underage people can't go in but since the police does not skow up without a complain there is no problem! 😒
Caguimbal Justin: I will read it
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is it just me cause i feel like those legs are too long 😂
SRINIVAS 7B: it came to me that
it is the epic thigh
Anime_lover_45: same bro
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Why do I feel like he’s actually a vampire rather than zombies as episodes passes
1. Sharp teeth
2. Sucks blood
3. Can’t stand sunlight
Allison Lee: Ohh so his a Chinese zombies 🤔🤔
yeahitsnish: It’s half mythology of Chinese zombies.
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this guy's really lucky, he was a security who became a vampire, (that's no zombie) and he gets to go to university, skipped the first year for that matter... shit that only happens in manga
Lyth Pearl Buenviaje: for many time's he is a zombie but a chinese kind he did not drink a blood every night but he all way sucks moon light
that is the chinese zombie
Lyth Pearl Buenviaje: for many time's he is a zombie but a chinese kind he did not drink a blood every night but he all way sucks moon light
that is the chinese zombie
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escaping the beatings while checking her figure ur impossible dude😂😂😂😂
Jowencha Simon: right, this dude really is something 😂😂😂
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무슨 말인지 알 잖아^-^
SHE IS a savage +sexy + Nasty women......
She suit the song
" AM A SAVANGE HUH, classy......"
무슨 말인지 알 잖아^-^: it's bossy
✨Yo_daddy✨: Bouji
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Why are they cheering? Someone is trying to kill someone else, and they just stand there cheering
Micamicachu: Its more fun in the Philippines!
ShamesTheD: Yepppppppp
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Bruh, not gonna judge, but still. WITH ALL THE EXISTING NAMES, YOU CHOSE MILKY BALL?? 😂😂
Normie_.mion: IKRRR ITS LIKE A RL BALL😂😂😂
INFINITY R: i think it's cool..and maube jinda cute...i guess 🤣
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I don't think she need bodyguards...
maybe doctors would be better
there is something wrong with her brain XD
[Mia]: 2019 I'm so late it's 2021 now (-‸ლ)ᴳᴼˢᴴ but so funny🤣
Chris Tony: lamp laughed so hard
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☆°◇ Red Empress ◇°☆
You had One job
Black reaper: Friend:She has been kidnapped
Ml:Be like
Mask: your fired
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Addy the Almighty
Boy in All girls school, My amazing Wechat, and then this... all have the same story...
First, can't even have one true girlfriend
Second moment, are surrounded by beauties😤😤
Benimar Manegdeg: same same i love them better than the mortals of doom
Addy the Almighty: hmm, I guess I might drop it too.. I'm really into My amazing wechat and super doctor from 2089
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Light Chazer
he is not a god you can call him Zompire
Emme: Zompires are scary af
Tragic Joke: Chinese zombies are just vampires
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Antawn Wills Jr.
I think vampire suits them better than zombie
fallen♠️♥️angel♠️🖤🤍: So true
Vicky R: Let's call them shinigami since they are afraid of taoist 😅
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Mark Angelo Apolonio
where did he get that cigarette came from?😓
RL Kakashi: ..From his Pocket..
Normie_.mion: he probably applied some sunscreen?
don't know
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