God Gives Me Some Special Eyes
Action / Romance / Sci-Fi / Completed

God Gives Me Some Special Eyes

ShenJu Comics
God Gives Me Some Special Eyes
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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God Gives Me Some Special Eyes Comics Online. Once a good for nothing accidentally opened up his god gifted talent: he is able to see through things like an x Ray. The special gift seems him an unordinary life: he’s life is on the fast track. Gems tossing, money blowing, champagnes popping, girls all around. Who cares? I have the eyes!

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Hottest Comments
Isn't that the blonde he met at the club? The one that was with her friend when the blue haired doctor and his friend wanted to drug and take home??? Why is he saying he met her a year ago? Job hunting and not even in the club... He was in a vegetative state for five years with no one paying his bills and he never searched for a job after that... He was given an automatic employment by th hospital to pay off his debt
Silvermeba Horwam: can you tell me whether he will have many bitches near him or he will have only one special girl becz i dnt really like flirty ml so if he flirts with all females i wont watch it in the first place
CuttieKey: Brow girl.. he was time travel.. and the girl were diffrent, i know, i was confuse too lol.. then he call the hilit grl same name with student grl at hospital.. and the thugs keep calling the ML son!.. what the..
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(^O^)❤Jeremy ❤
I hate this mahwa the mc is too weak in background and power when all his enemies are having great background and power and why is that girl that he know keeps on popping outa nowhere 😒😒
Lyon Julian Reyes: i prefer generic op mc rather than getting beaten every fight even though he has op powers
Just some poor guy: Y'all salty over nothing y'all just used to seeing your generic, OP MC
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So I finally saw a blue car, and I was glad... But suddenly, the red car shows up on the other lane
Lonely girl: Hi sorry guys for disturbing you but I'm writing my first chat story  novel and Poem  ...I hope you will visit it and give me your support and reviews
Thanku so much
▀▄▀▄Løne feather▄▀▄▀: so you love that love rival just kidding nothing serious
total 3 replies
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