Goddess Making System
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Goddess Making System

Goddess Making System
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Goddess Making System Comics Online. Goddess Making Service: As long as one can complete tasks as required, you can be a real goddess and be brought back to real life.
Sounds fun? Here's a friendly reminder—tasks are set in different worlds and you have to make every target fall for you...once you fail, you'll die.
Enjoy your mission impossible with dukes, princes, generals, and even vampires!

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Girl Power
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looks doesn't matter only her true beauty from inside
🌸Mariya🌸: sure I will read your story
Taylorr: Can someone read my new novel 'The Devils Trap'🙏 I'd love some feedback, please leave comments and likes if you enjoyed it x
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Supreeti Ray
I love this comic. But it scares me as well. Can love be that fake? Is it so simple to play with someone's heart? Did Xia Xi feel nothing? For either of them?
ice creams.....🍦😋: hmm..... might be
FriendlyShadowReaper: She doesn’t have choice cuz she was forced by the System to do so...
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girl, these missions serves for you to experience what you don't experience in your previous life. since you have never been love before, this system was created for u and to every man you meet to love you. simple and easy
ASSIDDEEQY💧[Valry]: Guys check out my novels.

Magic pen (Fantasy) and Possessive Love (Romance).
Support please..
frangelol: who knows, maybe she's still alive and just dreaming all of these delusions lol 🤣
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