Mortals of the Doom
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Mortals of the Doom

Mortals of the Doom
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Mortals of the Doom Comics Online. A meteorite carrying a deadly virus crashed into the earth's atmosphere and turned people into the walking dead...
Ok, cliché aside—I clearly remembered I died years into the apocalypse, but why am I waking up this pre-doom high school room?
What's worse, I've got only 90 minutes before that meteorite lands!

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Zen Time HD
I'm gonna make a prediction.
They're still gonna be in the city when meteor strikes, utter chaos ensues with a high chance of xuan dying. They could also kill the crimson demon next episode then flee from the city, maybe head back to uncle luo.

Also uh, I have a theory, what if mc fourth power is time based? Like, he said he got a meteorite crystal only shortly before he died, so that thing where you get to use the next level's ability if you're close to upgrading. That would also explain how things speed up this time around.
Moi Jesus: time isn't accelerating, just the grow of the virus for certain zombies (and the new meteorite). the evolved are the same as in his memory.
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I am making a prediction now while this is still the latest chapter. We know that XuanXuan is a stage 3 Mental expert and Zuo TianChen seams to be the only one who remembers “the past life” (the 10 years of zombie mayhem). I predict that XuanXuan will read Zuo’s mind and see the truth. Furthermore I think she may gain her lost memories from the past life in the process of reading Zuo’s mind.
TLDR: I predict XuanXuan will remember everything.
ZK: Hello sorry for disturbing you good sir/ma'am
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☆°◇ Red Empress ◇°☆: hii, I just released my first fanfic and I was hoping you'd check it out (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
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I think the more tian cheng changes or do something that isn't supposed to be part of something the faster the meteorite accelerates so yeah that's my say hahahah... I mean am I wrong? maybe? I dunno 😂
jadeempress: Exactly
It’s the butterfly or Lazarus effect
One change would change everything
mio chan: hahahaha
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