Phoenix Goes against the World
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Phoenix Goes against the World

Phoenix Goes against the World
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Phoenix Goes against the World Comics Online. When she opens her eyes, Huang Beiyue, a talented killer known as “ultimate weapon”, finds that she travels through time into another world and possesses a girl’s body, who is the trueborn daughter of princess royal but humiliated by everyone. With such an identity, Huang Beiyue rises from obscurity. Meanwhile, a mysterious guy becomes more and more interested in her…

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Girl Power
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somebody tell me that ML is 'Yan' the Demon beast inside her....i know its not true but his dark shadow seems like mis his her style and in one ep she tell that she will not fall to a demon at that time yan's expression is differently that he know some thing and ML have many secrets..too anyway please show ml as a strong person please
THATHA AMMAMA: ML i mean 'Feng lianyi' in story line also said the mistorys boy show interste on her they reafers feng and also in poster thumbnail i dono that right name ....
Nhu Hai: There's no male lead because many male characters have appeared as much as the others. But if you ask who is Beiyue's lover, I'll say it's Feng Lianyi. I'm just disappointed that he's not appeared as much as I expected.
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So the next chapters should be the one that's when she's going back to shura. And the time of yi and beiyue fighting against each other will now start and it damn started because of that freakin' throne....

Yeah and just hear to tell you that Yan is handsome. He and Yunli will kind of work together... (So I kind of ship them though I am not really a Yaoi/BL fan~Sorryyyyy!)

🍭Candy_Bong🍭 : What do you mean by reveal herself???
Mrsakabane: can someone tell me? what episode did princess reveal her self?
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Baka Green Tea
now I feel like beiyue is the daughter of the emperor he was so nice and good to her but because of beiyue mother's marriage to that coward father he (emperor) was holding back and he's trying to do everything possible to do for her child beiyue ..maybe I'm wrong but it's just my assumption 🙃
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