Hunk No.1
Romance / CEO / Completed

Hunk No.1

Yoolook Culture
Hunk No.1
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Hunk No.1 Comics Online. He—the man who has stolen my first kiss—stands in my way of pursuing my McDreamy.
He—the vexing brat—can just come at me and show me what he's got up his sleeves
Jab, dodge, uppercut, swing, hook...let's see who's the last one standing! The losing party shall...warm my bed for me!

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At last I've finally finished it now because I stopped reading this before just to wait for it to be completed and once I knew that it was already done I immediately downloaded it also to extend my apologies if I didn't leave that many comments on other episodes, but that doesn't mean any negative vibe or what it's just that I wanted to read it continuously till the end that's why 😊 my message to the author, first and for most I'd like to thank you for sharing us this wonderful story of yours. The story that makes my heart beats fast everytime there is an exciting scene😍when I say exciting that doesn't goes like what you think okay😂😉😍 and I just want to tell you author that you are so good and of course we your supporter will wait for the season 2 of this story for we know you've given us a heads up that you will really make another season😉 so keep up the good work author and we will look forward on the continuation of this story. Lastly, super duper thank you, stay healthy and be positive always😊❤
Marrissa Schyuler
dang its the end, i can still remember the first time i read this and i told myself it wasn't interesting but little did i not know i was gonna stay until the end and cry tears of joy. this story thought me a lot, it made me change my vision of the world that even if theres a lot of things happening, a lot of obstacles if you really love that person you're both gonna go through it together.

what i learned from robert: sometimes you gotta accept the fact that its done and you gotta accept that the person you love has someone he loves (basically moving on and staying strong)
I wish I could enter the hunted house too!.
But the problem is no one's there to protect me!!
1 like for those who can relate!!!!
*only single ones can relate!!!
mup mup: absolutely
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