Drink and Swing
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Drink and Swing

Drink and Swing
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Drink and Swing Comics Online. An Yi, who’s from a normal family background, has a dream, that is to be someone in his city. Lu Feibai, the young master of the richest family in his city, also has a dream. That is get An Yi in his bed. Oh well…enough said. You can guess the rest.

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And yet until this day, I am still confused on how and why master lu turned into a dog
✨S I M P✨: @Isan Kein, all you gotta do is just borrow the chapter by using your points or watching an ad (watching an ad let’s you read the chapter for 2 minutes, using 10 points let’s you borrow the chapter for 3 days.
Isan Kein: I am trying to watch so many of the mangas here, exm. yaoi, gl, normal ones and ect- BUT IT KEEPS ASKING ME FOR A PAYMENT. How to get those goddamn coins?😭
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Boba_ Hazuki
who loves yaoi?!?!
Neko: captain levi and eran look different here
Zyx DarkFlower: I see so many gachatubers like me in mangatoon today.. and also I love yaoi
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big raindrops 大きな雨滴
I t w a s a t t h i s m o m e n t t h a t
t h e y k n e w -

T h e y f u c k e d u p
Tobio Kageyama: damnn lol lmao hahahahahahahaa
katy _123hi dontknow: That part
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