Boss's Very Hot Summer
Romance / CEO / Completed

Boss's Very Hot Summer

Boss's Very Hot Summer
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Boss's Very Hot Summer Comics Online. Accidentally destroyed several very valuable photos, company's newbie Gu Yixin lost her way in the hands of the bossy boss Qi Xinchen...

MangaToon got authorization from XianYu to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Boss's Very Hot Summer:
Hottest Comments
Viviana J. Willamson
You both are completely clothed 🤔 What child are you talking about? 🤣🤣😅
sheena36248841: Have they release yet the second season ?
Liya Khan: Its not the end there a second season
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Jana Rashwan
Aubery don't worry ur brother is not dead he just moved to another manga... I'm sure his your brother cuz you both act the same way in every moment also Nina don't worry we found your sister and you're not the only one who is alive from ur family and also you both act also the same way in EVERY moment..... Don't worry guy we will manga discuss meeting and you'll visit each other... Don't worry ur not alone anymore
Ally💫: I’m dead😂😂💀
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Black dragon
This is just my honest opinion. I feel like yiru should be with Bai. My opinion:
* Bai can take care of yiru and protect her even if he has to give away his life.
Qi cannot protect her, besides he causes more trouble for her.
* Bai respects yiru's opinions and doesn't do anything without her consent. (atleast that was the case until the kiss)
Qi does whatever he wants, doesn't care about other's opinions.
* Bai takes care of yiru.
Qi takes care of her too.
* Both love her.
* Bai is caring.
Qi is possesive.
* Yiru loves Bai like a friend??? Or a lover???
Yiru has forgotten Qi.
So, I think Bai is better. Whoever thinks the same, please leave a comment.
꧁❀Aᴄᴋᴇʀᴍᴀɴɴ❀꧂: Agree
Black dragon: Well, I am not against your opinion but from my point of view... Qi left her and chose his fiancee over yiru is because he couldn't protect her. Even at last, Qi could not PROTECT her from his dad's gun... But then he took the bullet and all. No offense... it's my opinion.
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