Somewhere in Time
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Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in Time
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Somewhere in Time Comics Online. Why blooming blossoms always wilt after a heavy rain? Why things always end abruptly when they hardly begin? Why I just realize how madly I’m in love with and you’re gone? Why the universe should give birth to human beings while the human beings should bear both happy and ill feelings living in this universe? I knew nothing before I met you but I, started to absorb the whole universe with every possible pore at the moment I met you.

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Boys’ Love
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Sakumira Agashi
So his mom didn't used to hate art, and she actually loved it. It's the wound that scarred her and changed her.
im just a hoe don't mind me._.: Yea, I always had a problem with his mom, but seeing this chapter makes me wanna blame myself for hating his mom, his mom was so afraid that she don't want to remember drawing because she will remember his husband who just abandoned both his son and wife
Sakumira Agashi: If a series require coins to continue, you can get coins either by using real money to buy coins, or be a translator and get rewarded in coins whenever your translation is accepted.

If you decide to go for the second route, it's a bit more difficult. You need to pass a trial round (they'll test if you can actually translate or you're just writing nonsense), and when you get accepted, you'll have to compete with othee translators and do your best to get your translation accepted. Sometimes all the translations get accepted, somerimes only one of them is. But don't worry too much and try your hardest!
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he is showing off his friendship 😂
Dar Minah: sari😊
Dar Minah: sari😊
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Awesomemations 26
the cat is like me when my family members talk to much
aprillyn valinson: hello guys wanna ask need to purchase to continue reading. answer me pls. i cant read anymore. i thoughtit was free.
Esui Ela: The cat is like me when my family tells what to do when im already know it and doing.
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