Hot Mother
Romance / CEO

Hot Mother

Yoolook Culture
Hot Mother
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Hot Mother Comics Online. Although once a top-level assassin, she unexpectedly got trapped by her babysitter, raped by a stranger and was pregnant. When she want to question aunt who is the father, but aunt ran away. Her baby was kidnapped by an underworld group mistakenly after six years. She could do nothing but going undercover by pretending a driver to their boss…

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Vmin Lovel
what every manga has same ending first someone from fl family drug her and then she spend night with someone but that boy whom every fl spend night that boy gonna be famous president or someone stronger but after that she pregnant with his child and then she has encounter with him again and he tutor her and some rivel comes and then they fight with the rivels and he confessed her then she and he gonna dna test there child and after that they spend their entire lives with each other what the heck is this every manga has same story only just caracter change but why don't 2ml end up with fl why every author are all same
Don't Fôrğet Yòur Maskër 👿: Because such plot is MAINSTREAM.. its acceptable by all.. similar but not the same.. because most reader like to read this kind of plot..if it goes anti-mainstream which maybe the fl were pregnant by another man then she marry ml..and when ml loves her she want divorce to marry her child's father.. then fl were killed by her child father and ml had to bring up the child alone...😬😬😬 who want to read such story???
meliodas-samaAaa: totally agree with you! their plots are different but the basics and the setup of the characters seems like all the same! same as the historical manhwas. marshal or prince fell inlove with a smart badass woman. there're still stories that has different plot though. but most of the stories are just the same.
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Ej Caoagas
As a boy, it's better for me if 1 ML and many FLs instead of 1FL and many MLs because I feel sorry for the girl and it's kind of disgusting. A boy can handle many girls but a girl cannot handle many guys. Just my opinion though :)
i was litterly crying last night because of lies betrayal
and blindness and my heart was silently breaking apart
and then i brokke down to tears
sorry about this comment i just needed to pour out my feelings
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