Hot Mother
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Hot Mother

Yoolook Culture
Hot Mother
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Hot Mother Comics Online. Although once a top-level assassin, she unexpectedly got trapped by her babysitter, raped by a stranger and was pregnant. When she want to question aunt who is the father, but aunt ran away. Her baby was kidnapped by an underworld group mistakenly after six years. She could do nothing but going undercover by pretending a driver to their boss…

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Urban romance
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Not a Code
that ending was weak sauce and left way too many holes. like what happened to her family and revenge against Danny. no one behaves like a real person. who forgives someone for kidnapping your son. also, yan liked her and then suddenly gets married? like what the heck. where was sandy in those 10 years. why was she not dead? (I can kinda excuse that one cause even the MC played it off but still...)
Fatimah Wan Chik: yeah what is it ,to many holes in this story .wtf actually happen to Danny and his revenge...are they going to let it go ,just like that? I'm so curious and confuse at the same times..and what supposed to be meaning "miss US"?who us?did murong family alive or what?.I have so many questions to ask ...but why the comic just end like this ...the ending not supposed to be like this.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
sillydes: yeah, like where is Danny now? Why did he did that to the Murong Clan? And what happened to that Lin Yan girl who's abducted by the Killer Center? It left us many why's and how's but it's worth it to read tho. Thanks.
total 35 replies
Khushi Begum
how many girl are reading this???
Sally Navarro (Sal): I like the scene, so count me in!
naruto fan: totally not me
total 86 replies
Jennifer Smith
Omg I love this kid hes got more balls than the 13-14 year old boys at my school
Roxie Rose: soo damn true all the boys in my school are idiots
Saki: YNBZ T K
total 16 replies
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