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Soul Land

Fengxuan Cultural
Soul Land
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Fengxuan Cultural
Hi, this is Fengxuan Cultural, the author of Soul Land. We are glad that our manga can be launched on MangaToon and we feel greatly honoured that you guys love it sooooo much! As a responsible author, what I care most is your feedback and I spent a whole afternoon reading the comments you guys left and found two major problems I will have to solve.
First of all, the problem of translation! you must have known that we comic company provide the story and MangaToon does the translation, but this time I decided to provide the translation as well, making it a completed and whole-hearted work. My translation group translated the character's name into English and it's really confusing right? So we decided to keep the original name which means we have to redo the pictures...poor me : ( BUT!!! You are the boss and we will do everything we can to provide you with a better reading experience and we really hope you can support us! Anyway, whenever I feel tired I will scroll your comments and revive again! And the second one, the slow update. I wanted to keep it a secret but now I will just reveal it-- a CRAZY UPDATE is on the way!! And we are now working day and night to finish the following episodes. We cherish every comic fan here in MangaToon and you deserve the best manga! We are on the way!
I ❤ ice cream: Me too. I have watched the drama, watched the animation and read the manga. Love it so much
carat.kpop_17: This manga is literally one of my favourite one... i have seen the new drama , played the game , and even watched the animation ver. of the manga ... i really love this comic.. i hope to collect every part of this book to be in my future collection of books...thank you for introducing this book to us manga readers... love this book so much..
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I have read it from a soul land fandom and it is already finished on some books. It is said that Bi Bi Dong inherits the power of the God of Raksasa and that she is the wife of the former Supreme Pontiff. While the Supreme Pontiff(Former) known as Qian Xunji had a bloodline of those that contain the Seraphim prowess. He had daughter with Bi Bi Dong and she is Qian Renxue and she is now known as the God of Angel and she obtained it through then Giant Sword trial with his Grandpa Qian Daoliu. Tang San will succeed in his trial of thw Sea God and upgrade all of his abilities from his Leaf powers (I forgot what it is called) and there comes a time that he is being sighted by the Asura God( Killer God) and wanted Tang San to be his successor but Tang San refuses but an unexpected phenomena happens that made Tang San barely dead and that was the opportunity for the Asura God to inherit him. Tang San obtained the true power of the Asura God and upgraded his abilities of the hammer and his soul ring levels. (THAT'S ALL I COULD GIVE TI YOU GUYS HEHEHE and I researched some because I feel the tense of this comic.)
Don CooLafu: Damn Spoiler . kick this Guys asx Please.
001: can you tell me where you read it?
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Jonahlei Dela Paz
They really grown a lot. All of them are powerful now.
I bite back: I'm so proud of them
Urvik Goyani: yup they not only grown they even grasped the vast knowledge of battle field.
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Marshall Mathers ✔️
He's not the monster of monsters...
He is Godzilla....
He is the King 👑 of Monsters 👾...
Jimmy Turner: nah he king kong king of monster
Charlotte : Well actually I'm happy with their team

the nether cat is not so cold and arrogant
the golden paggoda is also not so in pride
and this other two have strong siblings bond
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
i wish my teammates in ML just like this...pure teamwork and no toxics😂
x_belho_11: sadly in india ml is ban 😭😭😭
A q u a: :/ IM A FILIPINO >::::(((((((
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Billy Joe
am i the only one wants the story of his mom and his father?
simmi: hey if you have time can you plz review my chat Story named


I'm pretty sure that you gonna like it
simmi: hey if you have time can you plz review my chat Story named


I'm pretty sure that you gonna like it
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there supposed to keep there names secret yet there he is yelling out "Dai Mubai, good job".
Angel ❤️❤️❤️ [ BD ]: This guy can’t grasp the situation....
Jikirani Jenver: he is not yelling his voice lvl is just on conversation lvl only his friends will hear him
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Adorable V
Tang San’s father? What’s he doing here?
ariel vance: that's who it looks like
☘☘_Sauxi_Queen_☘☘: hahahahaha really
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I didn’t expect DADDY IS SO POWERFUL! 💥💥💥
2tube 2you: lol you called him daddy
Punjabi rock 🤘world shock😝😫: initially I thought of him as drunkard
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The Wolf
If they manage to kill it I suppose that it will become Tang San's No.3 soul!
Justweridgod: Don’t spoil
Devil: it's spider not ape
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i cant beleive this guys are younger than me...they know so much and i don't. The world is so unfair
Loli: there there don't worry.we 74 people are same you are not alone don't worry
✨💮T🌼O🌸D🌺O💮R🌺O🌸K🌼I💮✨: " the world is fair...but humans are not"
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manga boy
I think his dad is top soul contra
×+ιloveмanga_anιмe+×: yoυ goт ιт rιgнт
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dude...they are 6 yrs old. At that time i dont even know how to do the potty...come on
Afnan Rahman: Lolll same
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Nephrite Jadeite
the teachers really care about their students.. 🥰🥰
Random Reader: if this is really a death match and something happen to xiao wu you know what will happen
Venomous Serpent: If something happen to tang san then rip them
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡ : yes i do
Todoroki is baby: also do you read battle through the heavens beacuse I'm pretty sure I've seen you there
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favourites 1
gender difference . hahahaha.......
Spiderman is in the house!!!😂😂🤣🤣
Luna: hahaha😂
❤🙏💓Hajime❤🙏💓: @luna your goddamn rigth
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when a six year old acts more maturely than you...
Jennifer: Ikr ;-;
ᕲᗩᖇꀘ𝕃𝕦𝕟𝕒: I know right
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Mrs Tomin
oh my goodness.. that trick is awesome, tang.😂😂😂
Bangtan Army: omy.. 😂😂😅😅
Taehyungie❤: Ina😂😂😂( Tagalog bad word )
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Is that what they called "JUNK MARTIAL SOUL?" THEIR IDIOTS
Mask: that a spider web man not junk martial soul man
lord bako: Right! I’d want that over a LOT of the later ones
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