Flowers in Distress
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Flowers in Distress

Flowers in Distress
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Flowers in Distress Comics Online. How many stages should one experience to be intimate with others? Saying hello, getting along well, making friends, dating and being in a relationship and more...l love him", she's been practising this sentence in her mind over and over again, waiting a "correct" time to confess her love with him, one of her best friends. Thinking it is fate to see him afar, she's just about to say "what a coincidence" when she only found herself being in an awkward distress...

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I can't understand hyun. what's going on...? he seems to be confused with his feelings or something troubling him. it's kinda sad for Sherman because he truly likes hyun and want others to know that Hyun is taken.
No one: yeah me too
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I love this story so far! it's a very different and refreshing approach to BL where the main character is a straight ally. sure she can't persue her first love but isn't that how real life is?

it's sad that so many people reading these comics aren't satisfied with something new and genuine as this. if you don't like gay themes there are literally thousands of other stories on here and other platforms for you to enjoy.

I hope for more story of Polly's growth as a friend and finding her own love too. I hope Sherman and Hyun do well together and keep such a good friend as Polly too.
Demy-sexual: oh now i get it sorry i am gay i hate reading about fiction gay relationships to i just got it the wrong way.너무 미안 해요!
Sira Skovgaard: Nothing is wrong about being gay... Although i dont like reading about homosexual relationships... But thats just because i like to imagine what i would do in the protagonists place... And i cant imagine being gay...

But I imagine that like i cant imagine why 2 girls would be together, gay people might not be able to imagine why straight people should be together... If this site shouldnt allow stories about gays then they also shouldnt allow stories about straight relationships... Its just like some people are attracted to white people, some to black, some to thick, some to blonde people, some to black haired... Personally i like men with long hair... Most girls dont understand that? Just because it isnt understood doesnt mean it isnt acceptable... You might be able to change some of your appearence... But you cant change what attracts you...
And before someone say anything about pedophiles... Yes they might not be able to change what attracts them... But since a child cant give consent it makes it wrong... Homosexual people are together with people their own age which makes the consent as good as straight people...
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Kim Mi So
Kookiepie Jujube: I was shipping them from the start
Lucylu Smiths: @Potato-sama Welp thats also interesting ship to be honest 🤔🤔
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