Battle Through the Heavens
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Battle Through the Heavens

Zhiyin Animation
Battle Through the Heavens
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Battle Through the Heavens Comics Online. In a land where no magic is present and the strong make the rules, Xiao Yan, a gifted teenager, suddenly became useless and loses everything. As an enviable former genius, everyone bullied him after he lost his ability, even his fiancee demanded to divorce! However, things are changeable, with the help of master Yao Chen hidden in the ring left by his mother, Xiao Yan made a vow at age 15 to step up to the peak of the Dou-qi continent for the sake of his family and his loved people. A legendary reversal just begin!

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Houzser King
now thats how u win a war without lifting a finger..interesting
Ae Hyung Su: Can You Please Support My Chats Story
The Title Is -My Pampered Consort-
If You Read It Already Thanks For Reading If Dont Can You Please Check It Out Thank You All And Good (Good Morning,Good Afternoon, Good Evening)
And Sorry For Disturbing You Bye 👋
Have A Nice Day To You All
Micheal Peria: I don't like his attitude... So cocky and so of his self
total 5 replies
😍😝Strawberry 😝😍
he's a good father
U~irudanieru: hello guys can you read and give me some advice on my chat story called Battle for what 🥰🥰
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Cecelia Valletta Tepes
now BITCHES open ur damn eyes and observe !!!
CrimsonPrime: Didn't realized I got to you so soon my lord
Satan: cuz crimson, you're in hell :)
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