Battle Through the Heavens
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Battle Through the Heavens

Zhiyin Animation
Battle Through the Heavens
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Houzser King
now thats how u win a war without lifting a finger..interesting
Shi ying Cheng: Truee✨
Isobarz: More than anything strength is what matters in just about any cultivation manhua and sect/family/power in the law and stuff but he has the skills to back it up so it’s no problem he also has the backing
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😍😝Strawberry 😝😍
he's a good father
U~irudanieru: hello guys can you read and give me some advice on my chat story called Battle for what 🥰🥰
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Cecelia Valletta Tepes
now BITCHES open ur damn eyes and observe !!!
Ábhì: When will the updates come ?? Or want to reduce your reader.
CrimsonPrime: Didn't realized I got to you so soon my lord
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Tic con anime legends
man got some hard balls
turtle king: They hard as mincraft bedrock
23 Slic1: Does he even have one? If he does how is it so hard?
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Selena Siena xoxo
Oh Na lan is not smart
She doesn't even notice his name......
Fana Pata: Haahahaha.. thats so true...
Wolf: MC name: Xiao yan

False MC name :Yan xiao
total 2 replies
I believe that Fa Ma is my ancestor, I inherited his sleeping hobby. 😂
Anonymous: yay...
23 Slic1: Yes I mean who doesn’t
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I wish Xiao Yan notice Xiao Xun Er, she's always there for him while others criticized him, treating him as a trashed, idiot, useless, while Xun Er treat him the same, even protecting him from anyone. Don't let that girl go, that's true love man, she doesn't see what you don't have, she sees the man she will loved no matter what. "it's the world against of us"
Konstantin: Actually he noticed that she love him. It is just that he feels unworthy of her because in his eyes she is talented like Lang Lang and beautiful like Heidi Klum
Eihcra Abril: I wish I could have a girl like her😊😅
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ok people the strongest talent is back
Relax! it's just me.: granted
📍 ENGLISH 📍: I wish you hit 100 likes. 👉😜👈
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You dirty minded people
What did you think?
enigmatic_dumbo: now 109
DÄRK ÎÑFÉRÑØ: now it is 89
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my God. how many women is he going attract yo..... your just too handsome we (the readers) raised you well
Archangel: indeed true friend but what if he used prevention method to avoid aids
IsseiKun: +harem *infinite*
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Sarat Oluokun
Oh, she's sweet but a psycho
Cutie pie: she will rip your shirt within a second * forget the lyrics *😅
🌹S.I.A🌹: run don't walk away🎵🎵
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Yami Akugo
what about the third chest?
darkshadow: I guess he already took it?
Anonymous: there will be some Dou Qi roar skill
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Little Fox
Awww if only we could share things like this! I would learn faster in school
turtle king: School sucks in the end all that knowledge will go to the depths of the earth anyway
Katsumi: Lmao this comment section is bomb
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Annabeth Chase
I guess the story totally worth it. I'll endure the translations for that sake.
Ýę Qůë: we shall endure the freaky translation for the story
>bsd<: nani?!?!
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Cloud Mist
Renz Sheida: TIME TO SHINE
Qing: Meaning closing your eyes cuz’ it’s too bright.
total 2 replies
if I could do that, I would never fail a test
Anime Freak: I got the most important exam in my life tomorrow and I'm here reading manhua 😥😥
Anonymous: If you could do that, do you even need to care about school?!!!
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Hes a cute deadly loli watch out
Tomioka Giyuu: Yeah your right
Angga Manggala: *Shota
total 2 replies
Allay Crimson
forgot about his own ability, and also his imagination is terrifying
Ling Mo: he actually forgets his own appearance many times haha
A person..: truee
total 2 replies
james dulla
is it me or he just look like dark magician when he wears his robe??
asran Alias: yeah totally
Ramses Michael: yeah totally
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アルバリノ クリフトン
little snake is so cute, and I feel sad for her
she chose to sleep in order to save him
Drip Tom: that's not practical its magical😂😂😂😂😂no fusion of male and female gamet😂😂😂😂
Ennana nya: I just got to that part and my reaction was wth 😂
total 8 replies
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