Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter
Romance / CEO / Completed

Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

Yoolook Culture
Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter Comics Online. She went into a wrong room and mistook a wrong man for her childhood sweetheart right before her engagement party.
Years after the accidental night, she bumped into that "wrong man" again, with two kids by her side...

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⭐Víbrâñt Søūl⭐
I loved it.... i am so addictive to it that i read the whole story in one day.. 😜😍amazing storyline...😍
and the writer is very creative with innovative ideas with lots of twists n turns.. and i love the sweet n lusty romance😍😍😜😜overall #beyond expectations 🤗
Nightcore Nanami: your welcome
Mei yi ( ˘ ³˘)♥: thanks a lot!!🙏❤️❤️
total 26 replies
Mochi Mochi UwU
this is a love triangle
Nightcore Nanami: pls read my first ever novel/chat story
tittle is:force to love again
Arela Bhutia: guys please take some time to read my novel eighteen im a rookie here help me 💜
total 21 replies
Bruh I am at school hopefully no one sees what I am reading 😂🌝
❤❤MIHARA❤❤: but i also got in trouble cause i wasn't supposed to be in her class but the school did a hall sweep so i had to go in her classroom
SelfobsessAngel[Creative Girl]: Wow that's amazing guys
But we are not allowed to bring gadgets in school
But if I read my friends would obviously join me cause they are who told me about these things 😅
total 40 replies
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