Hug Me, Bossy CEO
Romance / CEO

Hug Me, Bossy CEO

Hug Me, Bossy CEO
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Hug Me, Bossy CEO Comics Online. After an accidental one-night stand, she left 200 bucks for the man as compensation.
"We are strangers from now ooonnnnn—let me finish my sentence!"
"You want compensate me? Then 200 bucks are far more than enough...I want a lifetime with you!"

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good that he came in a right moment. for one second I thought she might fall and hurt herself. but it's good that she is ok....
Ãshkam: Only the author knows 😶
Anonymous1: How many episodes until the end?
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Bro I don't understand why in manga/coimcs (which ever you call it)mistresses or step-moms be moving into the Fl' s house with their daughters and acting like they own the place. Like If I was the Fl when her step-mom said: "Who allowed you in?" I would've said: "Uh.... Myself..... Oh you must've forgot forgot that this was my house first and you just barged in like a pig diving into a new mud puddle after it rained." Like I really don't know how they let them(the step-mom and the new sister(s) or brothers) get the upper hand and the Fl' s always say things like: "After my mother died my step-mom and her daughter moved in, and my father started to hate me" okay and?! When we read these stories they(Fl or main character) are like 18yrs old and up they should've been gotten over it. Like I know it hurts and you feel sad but really you couldn't get over it even after 14-16 years? Also even if your father does not like you, you can still show them who is boss. Just don't let them push you around don't be nice unless they are. Then when you get older they will know not to try and ruin your life more than they already have.
Chadni: would u like to read my chat story please click my profile icon.. give it a try
Tigra: You also need to remember the culture.
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so spoiler for upcoming ch that she will know who's behind this that make them misunderstanding ml will be regarding his fault then fl will never forgive him nd yeah in she is pregnant nd she will fly to other country then guess what when her delivery time the bby will be taken by ml's grandpa 😡😡😡 then he will brought that bby boy to let our ml see then ml will be realising that fl hide from him nd gave birth to their bby then ml will be angry to his father then he will be in rush to see our fl but unfortunately an accident will be happening then after few year when fl meet her child that she can't recognise her but after another she will meet ml nd their child but what the twist that ml lost his memory 😟
BigratAtat: bruhhh ion even wanna read it no more if it's gonna be like that
chocinggwa: author really want me to die , what a plot twist😑
total 6 replies
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