Mr.CEO, Leave Me Alone!
Romance / CEO / Completed

Mr.CEO, Leave Me Alone!

Mahira Ahmed
Mr.CEO, Leave Me Alone!
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Mr.CEO, Leave Me Alone! Novel Online. Zhen zhen is an ordinary girl who ends up working with a arrogant ceo Lin yi . She hated him at first for some reasons but when she spent time with him....she felt something towards him...
He also started to fall for her...their story was going to start BUT everything fell apart...
will they be able to be together at the end?
will their love have happy ending?
Will they fight till death for their love?

Keep reading to know!💙


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I want Lin yi to remember everything on the night before his weeding and then he pretends to not remember. So on the day of the weeding he wakes up get dress and then go the where ever the weeding is going to be made and then, when the part to say I do he says I do not. Or at the time for vows he say, I made my own vows and be like: I can't believe you pretended to be my fiancée for the past five years and you no that I never loved you and he. Talk to his brother and evil stepmom and everyone at the weeding will be shock😈😈😈👉🏼👈🏼😇

# Fanclubmember
*VAKA*_ISPP: Hey dear, would you like to read my chat story please click on my profile icon 🙏 And give it a try ..... It's a seperated love story I hope you will like it.....
Nikkii: I am not so wicked 👉🏼👈🏼 just think of it as Lin yi's revenge for them tricking him
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I would like to join the fanclub 🤗 What can I do to join in? P.S I have been giving each chapter a LIKE 👍and I'm always anticipated to read the new chapter's. To the creator thanks for gifting us your amazing skills in producing mangas stories of Love,Comedy and Action . I'm a fan of yours and hope to still see more of your creations, I'll definitely be more than happy to support your amazing work. Stay safe .P.S almost forgot the most important thing my name is Maggie😁
Xivera: Awww dear i am sooo glad you made a long comment and u wanna join the club!💙💙 But i am soooo so sad to tell u that the deadline for joining the club is over . Forgive me dear. But don't worry!!I am making another club soon ( In two days) On my other book called "Destined to meet you" Kindly check that out. The prizes there will be much more than this fanclub !! And do subscribe that story so that u dun miss when i uodate about fanclub there.
AND I AM TRULY SOOO HAPPY that you liked this story so much!! love you maggie dear
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I became so addicted to this story line.I started reading it today and I also am at the latest update now.It really had an awesome storyline.It was all about love and sincerity.
It also had so much female dominace.I really really wish that Lin Yi will regain his memories sooner cause his poor Zhenzhen has gone through so much just for him.I truly hope he gets recovered sooner.
mini me: hi read my chat story "the man I cherished"
Army Sanju💜BIG FAMILY💜: Hi, Sorry to disturb you but please can you read my new novel "Aggressive Love " and give me your support and reviews.😊💜💜💜
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