Captain's Tender Love
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Captain's Tender Love

Captain's Tender Love
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Captain's Tender Love Comics Online. He's the cold and domineering captain looking down upon everyone;
She is the mysterious and strong-minded girl, sometimes a little clumsy.
But everything changes when the captain meet the heroine...

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I swear where can I find a man like this only look at me and f**k me the whole day honestly does these guys available in real life
RORYMERCURY : why do u name yourself NANAMI is it from the anime KAMISAMA KISS?
RORYMERCURY : yea it's really awesome
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JUST MY THEORY.....I think she is the original owner of the virgin of the sea and that she used it and got such great results that she looks this young but something happened and she lost her memories and she's not the daughter searching for info on her biological mom, but that she's searching for herself and doesn't know it.
Haroon Sherani: just like when she turned 9 she didn't remember anything after 9, so if she turned to a baby she naturally will be like a new born.
lizzie__devilchild: i think she is one of the lost fam member of the virgin of the sea
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andrea apilado
I really don't know but i always have something on a manga male character who is wearing glasses or has blue eyes. Thry could look innocent but at them same time dangerous 😍😍😍
Saeng.guuu: Hey guys, check out my novels in my account. BONUS: I have new fanfic, BTS taehyung's fanfic
🌺Violet Feddeline🌺: Hi fellow reader!!!

Hope you can check out my novel "The Hidden Beauty".

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