Love at First Sight
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Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
school love stories are always better the arrogant CEO love stories,am I right frds
Bebe_10: Really true..🌝
Jen Jen: update pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
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Abby M.
I’m a simple person. If anybody steals my dog, they’re dead
killer Heli1: Random person: takes my puppy and runs away.
Me: omayowa nushindereyu
puppy: oh no he ded 😲🙊
puppy: what ever you do don't say nani.
random person: nani?
Him: oh sheet 🙃💀
Anonymous: dam right
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Vanessa Ray
Ji Eorin is a precious cinnamon roll! Oh, and Han Hanjeong, get away from that purple haired girl! She’s a psycho!!!!
Shanu: Hey if you are interested in high school love story then plz check out my first chat story'First love never ends'thank you
# Monu: any girl sex chat me
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these guys are same group of friends, took her phone and other took her dog .....same picking stylte..huh?....😂😂
NightDreamer Sharanga: now I wonder who'll took her ❤️
jess parallag: hahahaha their tactics are so good hahaha
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WTF its only episode 4

toooo fast

you only daw each other for only a few days dude
HYUNJIEENIE_come_back_soon💗💜: its a beautiful and very emotional manga even though the starting you said is true but it was so damn painful to know about what was their past they suffered a lot so many misunderstandings but finally it was a relieve when it came to an end i really like that manga you guys should read that too
Haruka: thats..........
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How can he say that with a straight face
✿𝓝𝓪𝓷𝓪✿: Now it is 162 likes.....
Poodie: Right
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もも の はな
I'm sad that I don't have any coins but don't blame author because she/he deserves to be paid for what she created. But I won't be able to buy coins because I'm still a student and don't have a job ,so I'll say goodbye to this comic here
{●•●}: You can read it now bro..!!It is free and they add borrow section also.
{●•●}: You can read it now bro..!!It is free and they add borrow section also.
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Sativa La Galaxy
I would never talk to him again. I would block his number, delete his contacts and tell his friends we broke up. I'll be damned if I spent all day finding a store open on foot trying to get medicine for him and catch him dressed up hanging out with some other girl that confessed to him.
Kai Kae: i know it’s just men are just so idk atm
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Victor's wife
She looks really pretty
Softspoken Charliebo
Anime boys ruined my life: Plot twist it's his 1000th birthday
✨Yo_daddy✨: Well said!
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Loba Gutierrez
dammit boy just tell her you want attention lol
misz fye
Can they drink when they are in high school?
Sarah Lte: well here it's kinda messed up and even though there is a legal age twelve-years-old's grab drinks from their parents or steal them and drink it all almost in one gulp
ɾσƒεʆ ɡɾα¢ε: I first drank when i was 9 or so btw i'm from Philippines and that's true no legal age
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Ji Eorin should tell her about the photo of her mother.......and Hanjeong shouldn't have accepted other guys proposal(well she regrets later on)
Donggyrong is so true friend he told her the truth even though he like Hanjeong......hope he also finds someone😢
Jagyeong😅"you touched me so much,you bad girl"she is best, she is helping them get back together😄
Lee Juling should realise that Ji Eorin will never come into relationship with her, she stoop low by stealing Ji Eorin's phone and made him follow her even though he was sick😡

Really hope these two get back together(quickly) and Lee Juling stop following Ji Eorin😡 also stop causing trouble😫
baka baka: yeah i agree another shi*
Chadni: Guys pls read my chat story and if u like it then pls like,comment and rate it
The Title is ** Love like deep blue sea**
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I am a fujoshi
Why are they blocking chapters so soon? Not everyone is rich
Saytama: I suggest you read “annoying alive” or “doridosim” if I write the second correctly. These are very good manga and wholesome romance
Saytama: I googled it and i can tell you (it is not spoil) fl make you hate her so don’t waste your coins. She doesn’t deserve ml. I can’t tell more because it is spoiling.
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Stephanie Cristy
Even though he likes her. He still ask Hanjeong to stay with Ji Eorin. My heart ache for him
Micah Flemming: I don’t think he does. Remember in the earlier chapters he repeatedly mistakes her for his ex
The Simp 😭👏: Wait, he likes her ?
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Loba Gutierrez
lol how cute he wants to be spoiled lol
✨Yo_daddy✨: Haha 🙃
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I really want her with Eroin. I hope her friend is okay. and I hope the two purple haired get expelled or something
Pushpa Jogadia: Why coins pls let us read by watching coupons
Fei Sparks: Here's a marvellous Novel for you, 《Memoirs of Love》, Check it out now.
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But why was she shocked after hearing his name?!!
Vanessa Ray: His name is a type of dog
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Who's ever idea it was to not let us be able to watch the last 2-3 episodes and only unlock with coins... Well I hate to break it to you, but....SOME OF US DON'T HAVE ANY FRICKIN COINS! I would love to keep reading but I CAN'T because, well you see...I don't have any coins.
I have tried everything I could to try and watch it but it just won't let me.
If this is just a glitch please try and fix it, if it's not a glitch then can you let us, the people with no coins, be allowed to watch it.
I mean I was so pumped up to watch the next episode to figure out what was fixing to happen, but to my surprise, I couldn't.

This is not any thing to do with hate, It's just that I really really really want the next episode. So if the author or who ever is reading this please try to fix it. PLEASSSSSSSE 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Stephano: I’m still stuck all the way at ch 14. Will not be doin coins
ᴋᴀɪ-ᴄʜᴀɴツ: Well actually I just wait until there are free chapters...
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Hamilton Schuyler
her friend is getting annoying
LiLiMoon: I can't remember the names either Lol it's too long my brain is like eh?¿
Anime Addicted Girl: ya, I don't like her. I think she doesn't want the girl to be with ji eoren (sorry, I don't remember the names, I have horrible memory) and I think she is jealous of her new friends
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