Imprisoned With an Alpha
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Imprisoned With an Alpha

Imprisoned With an Alpha
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Imprisoned With an Alpha Novel Online. Arlo he’s an omega born in a alpha family so the family kicked him out at the age of 13, years have passed and the little omega is in his last year of university when he went to look for a job he didn’t pass any interview until he met president gray milo.


This story was a novel but i saw that most of the people want it to be a chat story so yeah it’s still 2 chapters if you read the novel version but i will re do it as a chat story so yeah have fun😁✌🏼

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bb a
doesn't make sense at all
he is cold and could have been gentle but now you are showing him as a prankster and cunning person

it's not that he is just indifferent to omega and women's but actually he hates them
and now he has love at first sight with him and that's not just it he is even showing it
are you kidding me 😵😵😵

and what is this alpha betas and omega?? are we studying maths??? 🤨🤨🤨🤨
I'm not innocent ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ: ako follow mo ko na follow na kita tapos chat tayu pwede ㅇㅅㅇ
MARia😬: Mai mga Filipino dto? chat niyoko asap need ko kaharutan
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ooohhh!!! you're karmas are finally her, sa tingin nyo u can escape all of your bad deeds to your own brother. just because your a maternal twin alphas... that means that doesn't make you good in front of your parents, now you're parents knows what you've done... you can't escape from them anymore...
Tammy: I forgot it's already in my library already.....
Tammy: thank you for the invitation, i will read some more.... like right now.... my imagination is very high and it's gonna burst again....
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the title and the cover of this story makes it look like the alpha is so cold and heartless and he always punishes the omega but when i first read this im all like. "NANI?!?!?" but i like this story better than the one i imagined 😂arlo is so cuteeeeeeee😍😄😄😄
JiYa: Hi. I'm Ji Ya. Please if you are interested in more BL stories. You may check my first Chat-Novel BL story entitled "Found You", I actually finished writing it already and my second Chat-Novel BL story entitled "Heart Strings", this one is stil ongoing. I would be really greatful if you have time reading that story. Thank you 😊
L.: sure tho i dont have a crush😐
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