God Slaying: Sword Flying
Fantasy / Adventure

God Slaying: Sword Flying

Perfect World Comics
God Slaying: Sword Flying
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God Slaying: Sword Flying Comics Online. When his father abandoned him, he was left with a hammer...which everyone can lift with ease, including the ladyboys who raised him.
For so many years, the biggest worry for him was just —"I don't want to put on that dress!" He thought his life would be simple and safe.
However, everything changed when two real ladies showed up, initiating a fierce fight with his guardians.
Turns out he's in the world of martial art masters, and that hammer, as expected, is no simple hammer at all...

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Hottest Comments
I WILL BE NO.1 in tips
Ara Ara: ):< no! he will be stronger in the next next next next episode
Jhann Andrei Roldan: Ok why is the title God slaying
He’s weak as hell like oh my god can’t even take care a bunch of women I just saw that women
He was useless against fight
total 9 replies
Jhonver PH
the cloths is like gyrono's cloths
totally worth it.
RL Kakashi: is this good
total 1 replies
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