Planned Marriage

Planned Marriage

Tanzina Bi
Planned Marriage
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Planned Marriage Novel Online. Eun Ae always wished a best marriage with happiness and enjoyment. But her fate was not written like this. She got married to someone who is vry close to her but she never wanted him as her hushand.
Who is her husband?
Why she doesn't want to marry him?

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I can't wait till tomorrow....don't worry author your story is different and I support you always .... haters are always there only when you get more popular and only when you have more potential to do more!!!!!!
so don't worry haters are always gonna hate just keeping doing what you think!!!! you deserve more love crystal!!!!!!!
suvi💓: off course we are here to cheer you up!!!!!!
suvi💓: definitely I would love to....and if you have time read my story don't know when I feel for you
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Woo Moo
Author...... Do u really feel that u r writing sth right????????if they aren't twins then what's the relation between them????????????And why he kidnapped jim and why he wants money and that shitty shares??????????? Oooooooo........... Confused 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵... Can u please explain more clearly??????As far I read, It's just confusing me more and more...... Please clear their relationship..... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Crystal.☃️: yes..u r right..
Meelis Jenny: If they got same face doesn't mean.. They have to relate by blood rite.. 😅
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so basically he found Jim looks like him and has property so he want money that but after Jim died so he replaced himself and he get 49% + FL's 51% by marrying her and again to sell her for more money so basically he don't have any feeling and all just want money money money
Crystal.☃️: Yes u got right...
total 1 replies
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