Handsome, You Won't Get Me.
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Handsome, You Won't Get Me.

Handsome, You Won't Get Me.
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Handsome, You Won't Get Me. Comics Online. I was forcibly kissed by a handsome guy, twice! But it wasn't cool. Who do you think you are? Am I a girl you can kiss at will? Huh? You said you want to marry me? No way! I ran away from my home exactly because I don't want to get married! But here's a handsome guy says he must marry me? Why are all these guys all into me...

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School life
Urban romance
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♣Āℑḧꬴꞃἄ♧Ỹḁꬼđëꭆꬴ ᵏꬰëṋ♤
the fl is a badass and smart unlike the ml who is a total Playboy, dumb and thickheaded.
in my opinion the white haired dude is much more suitable for her and is also much more handsomer than that pig. the ml is really arrogant and annoying and the author gonna make him the ml because in most comics they will make the girl end with the jerk no matter how much annoying they are. the good guy won't get a chance and the pig will take her away. the author at some point in the comic will make the 2nd ml look really evil and every time the girl is in danger he'll come like spiderman and save her and the the 2nd dude will only see....the same trashy plot....
but I'll continue this comic cause I like the fl's savage attitude and her intelligence...
Mr.PoTaTo: I still prefer the ML tho for some reason...
Love Is a Lie......: hey everyone please support and read my new novel "super gene god " and
read and share continuation of my previously deleted novel "young master mo are you done kissing? "
whose name have been changed to " My impatient Mr. Mo! "
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the art looks really good. FL is so pretty and fierce and ML is handsome, but annoying. Their first meet is hilarious gosh he kiss her out of nowhere he’s something, but that slap lmao FL is savage. The story seems interesting, funny, and exciting. Its kinda remind me of the Chinese Drama “Accidentally in Love” omg definitely gonna love this!!
blackangel17: even i was thinking the same thing
Darling: the FL is pretending to be ugly remember she was pretty😂
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Kaname Yuki
Wahahaha I thought our ML is icy and smarty but actually he is a childish and block head huh!!! 😂😅😂
lemon ja: This is a kdrama btw😀
Ladygem Guron: hahaha true
total 9 replies
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