Sword of Benevolence
Action / Fantasy

Sword of Benevolence

Sword of Benevolence
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Sword of Benevolence Comics Online. Killed on the eve of a video game's ultimate championship final, buyi passed out and woke up on a new day—a “new” day, two years ago, right before the game was officially released. Memories of the past two years, predictions for the next two years, he who relived it all shall rule it all!

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Hottest Comments
If he goes roo I'm afraid that instead of being a morale boost the girl will think it's him and not the other guy
Peniel Daduwe: yeah I guess you are right it does look like king of avatar
yasin kanbur: Ben üü
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Fake Smile
Record solo? Sounds like King of Avatar to me
Fake Smile: You can try watch real life action quan zhi gao shou then, its good but with mandarin dub tho since its from china and its finished series movie
Angelo Santillan: Loved that manga but too bad the author stop creating them. But my friend told me the ln kept on going
total 25 replies
I'm honestly surprised he hung up on his future girlfriend. I though he would help or does he intend to keep some things the same as in the past and let her become someone else's girlfriend first?
Xéttry Âçís: yeah probably. my bad!!😅😅
Somebody: I think you wrote in the wrong comment section. I don't write the story.....
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