Sword of Benevolence
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Sword of Benevolence

Sword of Benevolence
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Wait, is this correct: He lost in a game, so god was like: Oh, hey, I’ll just let you travel back in time because you‘re my favorite player!
Min Guite: 😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂
Nis ab: I love this
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"nooobs" I use this a lot in mlbb
these newbies really piss me off!!!
John Afable: dont complain aint you all once noobs?!
Kami Sama: send ur id let's play togeather
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He captured another pokemon and legendary one at that
2005!!!! my birth year
JD Randall: what a youngster
Fallout Phoenix : im a paleontologist
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Fake Smile
Record solo? Sounds like King of Avatar to me
Capt. Nemo: Hahahahaha he's got the plot armour of MC's that could run solo and be strong, but he will eventual find a "party" not a guild I think he plans on making 1 for himself in the future
Dude Kill You: check out my novel

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Otaku Sensi
somthing is giving me bad vibes
🔥 Firelorn 🔥: I know, I feel it too
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hehe 2 birds with one stone haha
Pahenge skin ML
Why am I annoyed by his gf from the past? My gut feeling is tingly
enibae: no they both liked the girl but mc clearly said she chose him. It is Mo yusheng who was delusional like every villain and said that the mc stole his girlfriend instead of admitting he lost the battle for her heart
Im Always Right: she not his past gf ..hes the delusional one ..did not u read at first chapter...that ml is trying to steal mo yushens gf..it refered to the so called ml's gf..ml should have guessed that
shes mo yushen gf but his interfering
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those bystanders are lucky they could join his guild
Alexander William.
He is going to transform into a handsome man, for sure ...
unsightable: Big Chungud to a Chad
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Ture Monarch Azure
thank God that we know that she is a boi or else i gonna make her my wifu
Kyle Riley: imma puke
Nata Kun: I am down for hentai
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chinese sword art online
Tyler Hooker: HA, ok that one was pretty good lol
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Ainz Ooal Gown
KuRo _: hahahaha their sword
Kira Yamato: OMEGALOL
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Chibu Zoma
Spawn protection be like
P.a.i.n: gottabitch 😂
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I think Chopper is they're ally now
Aki the wolf: and for some reason I always think of one piece reindeer Chopper
Lewis Fisher: He is since he left Diablo
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onuris onuris
from her face alone i got a bad feeling, maybe she is the one who planned to kill him before? or is she already cheating with the killer?
Manga+Anime(Kawaii chan): It can be like, she wanted to kill him but at the last moment, she regretted it and tried to save her husband...
Loli: I don't like her.i like bunny gurl
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it seems to be getting interesting
Leni Purwanti
That yin Cheng really fishy
..*Smile*...: I have a feeling the fl is that bunny ears girl, and in the every firat panel of every episodes, the other girl beside buyi/dao wuchen is the bunny eared girl
Afy: yall wrong if u think she teamed up with the antagonist ure wrong cos remember the guy said that b**ch still only looks at u
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old fury
cult disciple is just field boss, while boss killed by MC is dungeon boss of dust valley. they are just waste time killing mobs plus aggro field boss (see eps.10) while mc go directly to dungeon.
Cringe Bruh: Someone else is as observant as me
Eternums: thanks for info
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zero ky
ive read a manhua that has same plot.. at first he back to the past.. sell all his assets and top trilion money to get vip bonus.. but i forgot the title.. if someone know pls do tell me
enibae: I'll have to write this down I'll make sure to read them later
Tf2 Hunterbanned: I’ll read this later
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