Nian Xiaoxiao's Escape Plan
Romance / CEO

Nian Xiaoxiao's Escape Plan

Weibo Comic
Nian Xiaoxiao's Escape Plan
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Nian Xiaoxiao's Escape Plan Comics Online. Bursting into a hotel ready to confront her cheating boyfriend, Nian Xiaoxiao somehow bumped into a president, a drugged president in need of immediate relief...

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Hottest Comments
So many mangas where the girl throws the money in the air me: I’m so broke so would it be ok if I umm pick that up? Also question why dose every ML find the FL interesting out of no where 😂😅
Kaz: maybe because Asia thinks girls should be demure and polite and them being rich have always had people both male and female be that way so when they get someone who is not it is more interesting
Just A Shipper101: The janitor must be very happy since I'm guessing that no one's gonna pick up the money except him/her UwU. Please let me substitute the janitor for 1 day. I'll clean the president's office and pick up the money as well..
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I was hoping this plan of trying to embarrass the FL because she sings bad would fail. Of course that hag would pull another stunt but if no one out of the whole crowd saw her purposefully trip FL, then that's ridiculous.
She is wearing same clothes for 4yrs I guess, hmmmmm.....may its a wardrobe full of same pieces of clothes and this is impossible to have new clothes in Mangas again n again..... maybe this is what happening
*Me thinking hard about problem that y authors won't change the clothes of their characters again n again🤔🤔🤔*
miss. bubbles: doesn't that dress looks like table cloth..?
Rain❤: hi...
can you please check out my works..i hope it won't disappoint you.. stay safe ❤❤
total 2 replies
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