President's Priceless Wife
Romance / CEO

President's Priceless Wife

KaiYuan Comic
President's Priceless Wife
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President's Priceless Wife Comics Online. Tang Ke Ran got drunk and slept with a strange man, she ran away the next morning, not knowing that she was pregnant ... After her family encountered a great change, she went abroad. Years later she came back and met with that man again. What kind of story would happen among a hacker son, a smart daughter, a president dad, and a mother who's good at muddling through…?

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Hottest Comments
faith margaret
Doesn't ye jiu have any friends? I mean, look at the people he looks to for relationship advice.
1. His son who poses as a hacker who is also a stranger to ye jiu
2. Yunsheng, his fiancé's brother
3. Lu xu., his love rival
He doesn't think of anyone else to ask for advice. And to be honest, they r not the best source for advice related to ran. 😂😂
Miss Karina: guys check out my nove...

Jokes all on...

please support me also
ASSIDDEEQY💧[Valry]: Abubakar
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how can xu jing still be happy with yunsheng 🤨🤨 when that guy destroyed her best friend life.... maybe I'm too sensitive 😅😅 and I don't understand the relationship or the xu jing doesn't know that the guy ruin her friend's life 🤔🤔
ASSIDDEEQY💧[Valry]: Guys check out my novels.

Janaah Telor: i dont think so but i think the one who destroyed her best friend life is yunsheng .. and i think it must yunsheng younger sister and i really ship both of them ..
total 3 replies
Essence 7
truthfully author I'm really hating the ml. like ik we hate alot of ml but how can anyone love him???? like al his things he goes for good are shallow
ryunosuke tanaka: Bro shut up. We get that but the thing is, if he an author u want ur audience to be satisfied with ur work. if someone tells him that they don’t like this part of the story or are questioning it, like this person did they’re not hating or degrading his hard work.
ASSIDDEEQY💧[Valry]: Guys check out my novels.

total 5 replies
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