Young Marshal, Your Wife is Too Cunning!
Romance / Comedy

Young Marshal, Your Wife is Too Cunning!

iQiyi Comics
Young Marshal, Your Wife is Too Cunning!
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Young Marshal, Your Wife is Too Cunning! Comics Online. Su Qinyi was the fifth daughter of the Su family. Although she was addressed like a proper lady, yet she was leading a maid's life. Her dad never paid much attention to her and her sisters bullied her whenever they found the chance.
But Life is like a drama. A young marshal was coming to their house for a banquet. Never thought the first time they met, she took him as a thief while he thought she was an assassin! Time to test her acting skills!
Will she be able to take her revenge? What would life be like after the young marshal came into her life...

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The plot holes ruin everything. How can the FL accuse the ML as a thief after seeing the way he dresses? It is obvious that he is not a random person. The old maid who was pushed into the well by FL, how did she get out? FL herself said that the rope is so weak that it might not even pull up a bucket. Again, the old maid was seen standing the well, which means there is not enough water there for someone to drown. How did someone die there when even a old maid can get out of there? Again, the FL didn't know that the it was the who the ML who was coming in the house, how did she place the locket in the bed for ML to find out? How did the FL's sister didn't realize a thing while sleeping with the fat peverted cook, the ML and him has utterly different figures. The police just let's the FL go after hearing a ancient book's name, without confirming whether that book even exists? One minute the FL is too poor to afford a doctor, next moment she is able to buy a silver pocket watch? It was shown that there was nothing in her bag, where did the watch come from? She went through great danger to make sure that nobody finds out about her taking the watch, now she just wants to admit everything? Why didn't she return the watch if that's why she bought it back?The art and concept is great, so author please spend more time and care in the plot.
frostercher_forever: WHAAAAAAAT!!!?!!?!😱
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Ms._G U R U
Like the story flow could've been more like:
F.L-" How can you accuse me with just an earring? Is that all your proof? An earring?? Ha! how hilarious!"

The sisters: "What's hilarious of someone's death?"

F.L-" It's funny on how all of you accuse me of someone's death because of an earring? It's true that is my earring, I always wear that and I always go to the well so its common for the earring to fell. I never really bother picking it up and wear it on my ear because I am always busy fulfilling your orders."

Now that's what I call a wrap!!
Princess Fiona: yeah,i understand it also hahaha
skier 💕✌: well done 🤔🤔
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They are such a rich family and still they are not changing their dresses , and wearing the same dress everyday , l mean from 2 years or more 😂😂😂.. Lol ! 😎😎😎
Cristy: Ohh! 😊😊
KARMIC REAPER: That is what you call an epic miser... there was a person who had loads of gold & jewels yet wore shoes made of newspaper back in 1800 s
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