WHAT? The Crown Prince is Pregnant!
Romance / Historical

WHAT? The Crown Prince is Pregnant!

iQiyi Comics
WHAT? The Crown Prince is Pregnant!
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WHAT? The Crown Prince is Pregnant! Comics Online. The crown was invited to attend the Prince Regent's birthday banquet, but it was the last place he wanted to be in this world because he had arranged an assassin to take the Prince Regent's life. But the Prince Regent was way too cunning. No doubt, the assassination plan was failed.
There's only one way to achieve his goal - the crown prince decided to do the job himself!
Disguised as an assassin, the crown prince sneaked into the Prince Regent's chamber, only to find out...

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Júlia Valença Schoen
Stop romanticising sexual assault! OmG why is this so common in these comics!?! This isn't only strange but also very irresponsible. There's tons of underage kids reading these and you are teaching them that going into a relationship with someone that has assaulted you is totally fine. Even if he was "drugged" that doesn't excuse his or any others actions. After all, he was still conscious enough to use force. For the children and teens reading this: THIS ISN'T ROMANTIC, ITS THE START OF AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP. In the real world, this girl would forever suffer mental trauma because of this. Please stop using assault as a driving force for romance.
Ann (Hosta)- I'm busy: I mean, yeah, why not we move to another interesting topic like aliens 😂🤣 Just a few comments is enough for this old comment, it is not like MT gonna take down all the comics like this one. 😂😭
Nano: damn these kids 😂

they should talk about Aliens.. 😂😂😂

i mean i find it quite interesting...
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For those who complain about the length of the chapters: ok, so the chinese author of this mawnha releases 2 chapters EVERY WEEK. On on Tuesday and one on Friday. So the author is drawing and typesetting the words...everything is done in TWO DAYS(from Tuesday to Friday) or THREE DAYS(from Friday yo Tuesday). Which means the author is working really hard for us to enjoy 2 chapters per week, and about 8~10 chapters per month. She’s working super hard. That’s why the chapters have a length limit. So please don’t complain about the chapters being short cause they are drawn in ONLY two days!, which for me is amazing and I’m grateful to the author.
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little wild kitty: "Can we meet again?" he said.
"Let's meet once a month" I answered.

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"My wonderful night with you"
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Israr Mahi
Who's pregnant
And A'm I seeing that nobody is pregnant.
WTF is this
Mochi⁷: no, maybe chapters after 72. I'm currently at 72 but there are still no pregnant prince mentioned
Maron (active on 2-25-21): she's princess acting as a man
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