The Fake Bride
Romance / CEO

The Fake Bride

iQiyi Comics
The Fake Bride
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The Fake Bride Comics Online. She's a master in making counterfeits, but now she herself becomes a fake bride! Hey, can you please let me go? I'm just here to make a living!
That's how their marriage get started, a fake bride and a cunning bridegroom~
What is the real identity of this fake bride? Are they destined for each other...

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i wanted to give some spoilers but im too lazy
[ charmy writes ]: If you're bored, check this out!

"She was the last survivor of her clan. Now she sets on her journey avenging it. But one thing she didn't consider is that how the people she'll meet will change her very perspective."

The Girl Named Amanda,(Action-Fantasy-Romance) written by Takoyaki N Sushi (me). Read the story for more! Don't forget to like and subscribe if you liked it!
heyyyyasb: what is the title of this comic on another website? or do you know the chinese title?
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vote pink, she's an imposter
Shivam Biswas: red vented
미라: vote ding dong guys........ding dong was an imposter😐
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..B L A N K..
maybe she is ur mommy and ur the daddy

(just jkn💀)
Cursed princess: Guys please read "She was different", I need your support, please help me! My dream is to be a contract writer at mangatoon, but my application didn't pass because my chat story had less views. I promise you, you'll love the plot❤, if you don't you are free to give feedbacks! If you support I can re apply after 15 days..
..B L A N K..: stream dynamite
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