Ah Dai is a Yes-Man
Action / Fantasy / Adventure

Ah Dai is a Yes-Man

China South Angel
Ah Dai is a Yes-Man
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Ah Dai is a Yes-Man Comics Online. Ah Dai is a very kind and soft-hearted kid. His favourite thing is steamed bun and his favourite girl is Ya Tou. But steamed buns are always in shortage and Ya Tou left him, never coming back. "What is wrong and what is right", even someone as silly as Ah Dai sometimes asks this question, especially when he was forced by a gangster to pickpocket others on the street. One day, he got a money bag full of amethyst coins from a passerby, and the coins started to talk and shine with mysterious light. "Do you want to go with me?" That rather strange handsome passerby asked him. "Can I have steamed buns everyday." "Yes, you can." And our Ah Dai joined this mysterious magician to start his fantasy cultivation journey...and eat steamed buns everyday...

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Hottest Comments
Ash Pikachu
dont ever break someone's trust on you
even if they forgive you
it not only make them sad but you will regret so much one day for breaking their trust
and you alchemist
if you want someone to experiment you do it for yourself
why did you take gus trust and know trying to kill him
if you dare to touch him
I will come into your dreams and kill you right away
I will do it to make sure you will also die in real life and not only your dream
sry guys this may be a little stupid but in very furious of his intentions
Løne Størm: ah~
I'm guessing that you did read all the chapters now...
just read your comment again... haha
if I were u I'd really b embarrassed hehe
total 1 replies
His seemingly stupid innocence.... that is in itself a power greater than even death, time or the devil.
For if one's soul is completely innocent, the deep magic of INFINITY (TOAA/MASTER DESTINY/ GOD) will always protect them.................... and who can possibly harm someone directly protected by God?
Fujima Kenji: cause i know these is not the real title
Fujima Kenji: wait is that the real title of this comic
total 2 replies
Xx HappyGachaCookie xX
aww man oof, I don't blame Ah Dai tbh... if you ever try to get it from their perspective the you will understand their reasons... Just imagine being in loce within someone who is much richer than you and have much stronger background than you (no offense but this is just an example) and even the people in their background are not ready to accept you, just think of what will happen if you get together with them... what will they do, they might abandon the person you love for their selfishness and this thing will hurt that person so much...
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