Born to Be Hated
Romance / Fantasy / CEO / Completed

Born to Be Hated

Snow Love
Born to Be Hated
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Born to Be Hated Novel Online. She was just a hard working, innocent and famous girl who always bzy on her own work but one day some thing happen.............. since on that day she realises that she was "BORN TO BE HATED".

PS:- Picture used here are not personally mine but used in story are from google So the copy right goes to the respective creater who did a great art work

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Hottest Comments
Yasmin Shmit
Author I am telling you this story was so good it felt so real and I cried like hell when all the things in between were happening and it was just so good that even if I wanted to stop reading I couldn't.
I love it Author 🤗
Thanks for this beautiful story.
Manisha Negi
I'm so angry😡😡
why he doing this to her
she did not harm anyone then why????
WishBone: he is doing because he didn't believe she is blind before the accident and cause his gf accident.

so the story plot is....
he will torture her till she can't be heal anymore . she will leave him then he realised his mistake and his love for her. He will coax her love her wait for her then she will come back to him for child sake.......

this is just a guess.🤪
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Andrew DeFeo
I realli hope the new FL does not end up with Kai but goes back to who she loves right now. Please make this happen author. Kai does not deserve the FL.
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