Flirty Boss, No!
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Flirty Boss, No!

Yoolook Culture
Flirty Boss, No!
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Flirty Boss, No! Comics Online. A story about Cinderella and her prince with bad temper.

"Stay at the company, I'll give you a pay rise of 50%!"
"Well... I'll stay not for your money, but for my dream!"

Well the happiest thing in life is to find the right one to stay with, even he's cold and bossy.

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Hottest Comments
well if this is really the ending then it is extremely disappointing. I have read this comic for past 2 months a d this is how it ends, infact, I was waiting for next chapters to be released but the end?
Just like that. Wtf author? you had so many good comics that you left hanging Arrogant CEO season 2 and now this.
I can understand that people may lose motivation and don't want to continue which is totally acceptable.
but if you are approaching a platform like Manga Toon then you must realise that you have to commit.
just because you don't enjoy working on something and want to finish it then give a reasonable endings I mean comment sections aren't full of stupid people they actually give some good ideas and in case you want to rush a comic and finish it then take some tips for an easy story and end it, like seriously, I can think of much much better ending in a single chapter.
seriously improve your attitude towards your work. if you don't want to do it don't it leave it hanging and call it finished. give it a rushed ending that is a billion times much better than what you gave us.
seriously youlook culture you have been disappointing your readers a lot and I mean it, a lot
Arianne Ramos Salem: nooooooo~!!!!!!!!!! pls don't tell me the ending is BADDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!
Naruto Uzumaki: Yoolook culture always does this. This is why I don't trust them at all
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I’m sorry, but the lack of character development in both of their characters has been SO disappointing for me. I hate being negative, but I’m not gonna lie and pretend to be in love with their characters despite everything else I liked about the story.

She is still so weak and pathetic. I’m not blaming her for the way she feels about being framed, but the way she has been handling herself hasn’t changed at all. She went on about not wanting to stay in this company with Helian, but decided to stay and become his mistress because of her trash mother and her new family (who doesn’t even give a crap about her) was going broke. Mind you, her mom NEVER told her to become a prostitute, she did that all on her own, her mom wasn’t dying, she was just losing money! It was extremely unnecessary for her to sell herself, and she’s been everybody’s little doormat and punching bag for the past 90+ chapters. when is she gonna stop kissing people’s ass and actually stand up for herself??? She needs to learn when to stop living for people undeserving of her, and actually learn to live for herself.

And the fact that Helian treats her like trash again and again, yet she keeps blushing at him just makes me think she’s a masochist, just sayin.
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for all the newbies who have started reading this comic book i suggest you guys to not read it . Even if u do pls don't read the last chapter. the ending is so disappointing . it was totally abrupt. many events r yet to be solved . like helian really falling for xiaochen . yaru s bday party event . step family secret reveal. reverse harem . matchmaking. nothing is settled . it is so disappointing to have spent 2 whole month on this story with great plot, spending thousands of points and at the end receiving an unexpected end. literally this comic was something I was looking forward to . the story wasn't that intense even at 300 episodes were needed to fully satisfy readers. this is not the first comic that disappointed me. the return of koi , prisoner of love , love in rush , another gl comic I forgot and many other stories hav disappointed me. the comics that requires coins , we can find it in other websites but ending a story abruptly is unsatisfactory. even when I read spicy wife or sweet wife the ending at the very least was satisfactory . guys I really feel that u guys also agree with me so pls demand for season 2. it's very hard if we don't get a satisfactory answer . or sometimes I think that the writer mistakenly pressed complete . there r so many unsolvable incidents left yet to figure out but it feels like I m in abyss .
Rachelle (╯3╰): soo true😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
Army_BTS💜: I truly agree with you ...this is not the right way can the author end it lije this ..are we fool to him who are wasting their two whole months on a comic whose ending was just like that ... wasn't the author in his senses ... I DEMAND FOR THE SEASON TWO ....
total 9 replies
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