Emperor Wedds Criminal
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Emperor Wedds Criminal

Snow Love
Emperor Wedds Criminal
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Emperor Wedds Criminal Novel Online. Emperor married to a person who was criminal than what happen see...............

Warning:- This story consist of adult content......which is 18+ so reading this story on your own risk.....Else you may skip

pic used here is take from different website they are not mine so copyright belong to respective owner who did nice art work

we need your love and support😁😁

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Boys’ Love
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Im pissed off! It’s killing me those words that i can’t understand. So annoying! Some words are not match those scenes. It’s really hard to guess.Well im sorry Author! Please forgive me what i say. But i do like your story you know! It’s kind a really hard to guess your write, some words are not match those scenes of your’s. I’m really(10x) sorry! Promise! i love your story. Just some words i don’t understand. Peace plz!
Cataleya_☺️😘🇵🇭🇵🇭: I’ll check you novel!😊😊😊
izzyK: Hello sorry for disturbing can you check my chat stories (BL)
1. My mysterious boy
2. Love is blind
I hope u check it out and give me some feedbacks
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Captain of this ship
Wait a damn minute why do I feel like this person is going to be Cain partner in my opinion like the theme of the story is to give revenge
Captain of this ship
Haha my God he deserves an oscar award for his actin6
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