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Tales of Demons and Gods

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Tales of Demons and Gods
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SPOILER ALERT: Nie Li will be an 8-grade Heaven Spirit Root. His friend in Blue shirt will be a 5-grade Heaven Spirit Root. The other guy in their team is just an Earth Spirit Root. Nie Li, Lou Pao(blue guy*not sure if I remember his name correctly) will be studying at the west division.


Also please watch the upcoming Kimetsu no yaiba Infinite Train Arc Movie. Thanks!!
Neko Muichirou: I watched some episodes (it's still ongoing when I watched it) in kissanime
Tales of Demons and Gods: yes, the novel is goid and very detailed.
the novel is not free on some sites, but on wuxia-world, it is ad-supported, and official.
the author's work is good, but is slow maybe due to contract of catching up with manga or maybe due to the reason that ge wanted to end it properly with great plot.
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Francis Mansueto
Reason.. Because the cultivator.. That old man.. Is more powerful than ye mo.. He is hiding in the dark prison realm.. He is more powerful than any ancestral martial expert from draconic realm.. One of the final chosen person from emperor cong ming..
G W E N: Hewooo!! My name is Gwen and I would just like to say that I’ll be more than happy if you could read my chat story called “The hidden princess” it will be highly appreciated by the author (a.k.a me) that’s all I wanna say because I don’t want to waste your times any longer, thank you for reading!
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Gab: His talent used to be lower and he just used hard work to get to the top, but it increased in this timeline and he sent know why yet
Sneha💝: now I am ... eagerly waiting for next episode
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Raphael Venz Mirabel
While you guys are testing and talking about roots Neili already has a tree
Hikari Shi_Yami♡: HAHAHA thats a good one
Chashim: hahahaha that's right! 🤣
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Shane Amaba
Doraemon why are you there? are you perhaps lost?🤣🤣🤣 i
Thousand Sunny : ?????? What? You’ve written what for love??????
Leon Foe Bartford: i written for love
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Ravi Narwal
i think that he removes his hands otherwise there will be more roots 🤔🤔... or removing hands have nothing to do with that 🤔🤔... he sure is preety powerful ... but i don't think he can take down that other guy (you know whom I'm talking about I can't remember these names ... lol all names sounds same 😆😆)
Hikari Shi_Yami♡: in the LN it said it was turning in to black thats why he got scared and removed his hands HAHAHA

to bad he couldn't take a 2nd test
Ravi Narwal: well yeah color seems to get darker well we hope for a another testing to be done before they will go to central institute and then we may come to know about it.
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JCode JCode
Okay, ❤️ I love this manga and it is absolutely better than the most of stupid mangas we are usted to see, 💗 but... I don't like the fact that it seems like they take out of their sleeve some things and parts of the story, and the fact that there's always more levels of cultivation and they are concentred not in growing their character especifically, but for growing their strong, 😒 and that instead of growing mentally at same, they are just changing their objectives to become more powerful and the only power they show here is the power of martial arts. 🙃 It feels like they forgot about the fact that Nie Li is still human and have to change and reflect about himself. 🙃🥺😭
Thousand Sunny : Doesn’t that mean that she’s NOT innocent?!
Princess Jin Hwa {MTN}: Sorry to disturb you if you dont mind please read my chat story "My Innocent Wife Is A Killer".Hope you like it! 😉
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Florence Brooks
you bet, if he didn't retract his hand too quickly his talent would be higher!
Gab: The crystal ball would have cracked I think
WolfyLove: I think he was just too surprised by the results. Gotta love the way his expression was misread by the tester
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yawa... boring nmn..
wala bang bakbakan jn?!!...
Jerald Padellon: Awiiiii nakakabitiin HAHAHHA
hwai me: ka peste nahimuot ko sa kani nga comment! 😂
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Mabel G Rodriguez V
I think he remove his hand was because if he not remove it it will show that he practice demon skill because you can see that his roots start to get dark in the panel you can see it
Mabel G Rodriguez V: Dominicana
Black Realm : mabel de adonde eres
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Hikari Shi_Yami♡
if he didn't remove it it'll be black not purple and that talent is unknown for me at least but guessing from how long did lu piao take the test and how fast nie li take off his hands from that or i think it could reach higher level than others 😑

he'll be in danger though but who care his the mc he wouldn't due that easily right?
Hikari Shi_Yami♡: *orb*
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What the fk who demonic idiot put that ad there it just take you to the same comic
❣S͓̽A͓̽I͓̽❣: Its annoying to see u know
Neferpitou: 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂
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Raptor Vadnathani
why does I have a feeling that nie li is going to break it lmao...👀
KreuzPH: lol same here 🤣
JCode JCode: Idk, maybe. Lol.
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Anik Kaisar
i forgot about the other ones beside his friends heaven spiritual root...can anyone tell me?(u know whom i am telling about..i can't remember names)
Thousand Sunny : Are you referring to Xiao Yu, and Guan Yu? Or some of his other friends like Ning’er and Ziyun? Well, I suppose I’ll just say. Xiao Yu has a Grade-7 Heaven Spiritual Root, while Guan Yu, with the red skin, had a Grade-9 Human Spiritual Root. As for his girlfriends, Ning’er and Ziyun both have Grade-9 Heaven Spiritual Roots. However, as you can see in the last picture where Nie Li’s Spiritual Root is forming — just as it splits into eight in the picture right before he pulls his hand away — the root itself, inside the crystal, starts to turn black. This is the sign of it entering the next tier up from Heaven, which is yet unnamed, and is his reason for pulling back, lest he cause a worldwide sensation. If it had a name, it would probably be something like: Grade-8 Celestial Spiritual Root. Lol.
Chu Ka: the one leading them is a girl?
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Vansh Gurav
there's a doreamon in last slide.....
Thousand Sunny : Uhh, yes. Why? Should I not have. I was just saying that Saitama, Spider-Man and Doraemon are only a very few of the special hidden guest from this series.
Vansh Gurav: bruh u typed this ???????
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still chapter 300 here, Nie li got 8 grade heaven spiritual roots though :v
vanci0 : bruh put a spoiler warning in your comment dumbass
Demon_slayer😈😈: no a website, you can add it to your home screen and read it
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sorry to break it to people but this can't have a crazy update because even the raws are only advanced by 2-3 chapters(idk lmao). i suggest reading the novel
bonkmaster12: nvm its actually 4-5 chapters ahead in raws
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Tha Great ⭐
nei li just marry the two of them,
Enyia Churchill: I know right he and Ziyun and Ninger will make a great couple
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Yuuki Asuna
Well,i wait for 3 days and readed this less than 3 minutes😂

Anyway,thanks author for your good work!

Now waiting for solo-leveling chapter 128!
VIGYANSHU PRAKASH: Well that's sad😩, kirito already got her Asuna so I thought I could have this Asuna for me, but he got here first too😅😉😬
Yuuki Asuna: Yes Kirito is my Lover :D
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mc's friend will get stage 5 heaven level root and he will get stage 8 of heven level root
chance beixuan: they're advance about 5-7 chapters
chance beixuan: but in our mc he will gonna have black spirit Root but he will gonna stop it when it's already 8 heaven level spirit so that he will not stir up commotion
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