Tales of Demons and Gods
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Tales of Demons and Gods

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Tales of Demons and Gods
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Chenae Winfield
Anybody else thinks that she might be a fox transformed to a human after cultivating for years. Then died while cultivating for immortally but became a strong spiritual being to help future cultavist save the human race from "alien" creatures.
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Possessive Love.
Thousand Sunny : Sorry, I’m afraid you failed in ‘commenting.’ But that’s okay, don’t be discouraged. After all, you succeeded in ‘replying.’ :P
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OMG, I can't contain my tears. My heart hurts so bad, that was so generous even the grandpa shed tears that made me cry harder. 💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖😭😭😭😭😭💖😭😭😭
R I V A L R Y: Sorry for bothering. Check out my chat story.

Possessive Love.
Sudar sono: wayae wayae
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regine Dyosa
❤this is the best comic for an otaku like me
Jonathan Jaudalso: its too short.. 😏
Jarren Apolonio: tale of demon and god
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Thousand Sunny
For those who didn’t understand, a Demigod Rank expert is one who is still at the peak of Legend Rank that had some comprehension of and possession of a particular Law. They do not own that Law yet as they are not a Spiritual God yet, but are on their way towards being one. Legend rank has 5 individual levels, and as a Demigod expert, an additional 4 levels are added to the Legend Rank they practice, after 5-Star, bringing it all the way up to 9-Star Legend Rank before the expert can then either break through as a Spiritual God, or else break through into Heavenly Fate Realm (Heavenly Destiny Realm). Just like the Spiritual Constellation Technique, Law Energy helps to increase a Legend Ranks chances of breaking through to Heavenly Fate Realm, which usually requires Heavenly Energy, and it does it much better than the Spiritual Constellation Technique. It does so by concentrating the energy within the soul realm to a level dense enough and pure enough to be capable of forming a Fate Soul, the hallmark of entering the Heavenly Fate Realm, which is not capable with Soul Energy alone. (Continued in comments)
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Jamie Vargas
omg the cover picture of the panda and him in the begging was so freaking adorable
Someone: Same I made it my lockscreen😍😍😍
lord bako: It so cute and amazing I want an anime about a dude and a huge panda traveling the world through the desert forests and even city’s now and for it to be like a comedy and action anime
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Dear Author:
Im looking forward for this one of a kind novel.To be honest I never expect that your story is so beautiful, and full of adventures? and excitement.
I hope you can update more and more episodes of this story.

By the way its an honor for as to read this kind of story, your imagination is wide like ocean and its good to share thank you and continue doing this manga story God bless you.
WarmBun: Really..great work author!!🙌🏻
lord bako: Oh trust me it gets amazing if this could me made Into an anime I would love it the only other mangas that I would love more would be soul land and solo leveling
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Thousand Sunny
I know that generally speaking, Life Energy is green, Yang Energy is yellow(orange), and Death Energy is purple, but......I thought that the energy of the Death Spiritual Law was supposed to be grey. That’s because Nie Li is cultivating both Light and Darkness(Yang and Yin), and his Yin Energy is already purple. Although Death and Darkness and extremely similar, they shouldn’t have the same color energy. Does anybody remember specifically?!
Vaishak R Blsy: I guess Energy of death is Red .
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Nasir Mohamed

he is the foster son of the nether master.and nie li and his friends are all going to the draconic ruins but before they go their they have time to go home and say goodbye to their family, but suddenly they hear a comotion it was the demon lord and he is fighting with ye mo but he was to strong and killed ye zong, ye mo, du ze and destoys half of glory city
Dead Theories: why would you spoil such important details (-_-")
Francisco Vosburg: If it ain’t got the words and the pictures, goodbye. Another thing Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er are the right couple!!!
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Thousand Sunny
I wonder what happened to Skelly’s wings. One was there last time while the other was in the process of being formed.

Oh yeah, did you see the guy flying a kite? Or maybe the kite was flying him? Whatever. Since he’s a Demigod, he should be able to fly by himself. Then there’s the ghost Demigod with no legs, and the Demigod that’s just a flying grey ball........?
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Thousand Sunny : And? Your point? I don’t know why you felt the need to remind of that, especially since it has absolutely nothing to do with my comment. You know, when people like you make such an effort to blatantly spoil the story for others without warning, it really is like you’re doing it specifically to piss people off. Perhaps you get off on rubbing people the wrong way? Fortunately for me, I’ve already read this novel four times so you can’t spoil me on it. However, I still hate people who spoil the fun for others. And that’s what you just tried to do to me. So, take care and fuck off!
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Beah Jayme
my understanding on what he reading like the " infinite nothingness has no beginning; no beginning means no end." to me it means like a cycle and life it is reincarnation. didn't know when it began nor when it will end

but it is just to me though I have no hard evidence to prove it
Myheartisweird: I am too dumb to understand what you said or the emperors words
Xeon: That’s my theory
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Wow such smartness and cleverness prehaps this guy is too much smart for his age..He is much more at a higher Standard than the people of Glory City can ever be.. It's all thanks to his vast experience and exposure to knowledge in his previous life! Nice! What a way to go!👍🏻🏅🎆🎏
Homo sapien: That’s why I love this comic, it’s my favourite
Homo sapien: Oh he is too clever.....later on everyone will be left with their mouths gaping at this guy’s knowledge, even us....
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Natsu Dragneel
man I think he's a girl
Natsu Dragneel: well u see it can be that ninger actually told her to act like that to know abou nie li's feelings for her
Francisco Vosburg: Xiao Ning’er and Nie Li are definitely the perfect match for each other. Nie Li cares for Ning’er. And Ning’er gets too excited when she sees him. She basically said, in previous chapters, that he has changed her life and that she feels comfortable and happy when she spends time with him. On the other hand, the purple chick doesn’t acknowledge Nie Li’s presence every time they see each other. Plus, from my perspective, Ning’er is a lot more attractive than the purple chick.
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Mtho Nicheolas
Dat girl was using Heavenly Energy but Nie Lie didn't see it 🤔🤔🤔why?? I wonder, future events will be shown here in the God of Death body ☡spoiler☡ we are getting close to "Wings of law" Nie Lie obtaining the Law of Death dat changes Nie Lie
Arjim Yu: Don't spoil it that much... Hahaha. The illustrations will get boring. 😂
Mtho Nicheolas: After we are done with Nie Lie and Xiao Yu event we can see who the hell is "Demon Lord" After than the Seven layer death lands Will open and there will be a test and dat is where Nie Lie and the rest will reach Legend rank but Nie Lie was terrifly different from the others he even frustrated Demigod rank experts with just his aura of 3 Law Energy Light, Darkness, Death
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Mtho Nicheolas
Guys we have a problem this Girl will fall for Nie Lie in the future Manga mmmmm No wonder this is a Harem included in it another girl who was he's enemy now has Nie Lie as his master changing to loving him, Nie Lie's running away now 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃
Francisco Vosburg: Wait, so this new friend likes him? Daanngg, Nie Li is a player. No wondering why this new friend felt uncomfortable when Nie Li had touched him by accident or for support. Nonetheless, Nie Li caught this friend blushing, and evening called him out!!
KiingRiley: Ok that’s cool but did I ask
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Na Vi Eywin
because the love they build before is on the basis they have travelled by each other and she doesnt need to think about a love rival that she has to take pity of. and she doesnt have the responsibility of city lord daughter anymore because glory city destroyed at the time?
Manga+Anime: Yup, the situation is different here, and Nie Li still thinks Ye Ziyun will love him like previously
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Everyone is sayen that Xiao is a girl... but that doesn't make sense because he has a manly build like beein tall and having wider shoulders... unless he uses a body transformation technique... food for thought...
Lee Jhay Salak: shes a daughter of powerful expert in the upper realm and the netherwolrd master is her master. her parents cast an spell on her so that she can disguise as man. if the sage emperor know her shell be doomed.
Mtho Nicheolas: because she is 15 or 16 yrs + this saying is in the future so we can't spoiler all of it now so enjoy
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Elizabeth Frans
This reminds me of knife in my back alec Benjamin .

your blood runs black . i was just surprised on how you turned on me so fast . i held you close . now your blood runs like a river because i trusted you the most but i know it's over . oooh
but i know it's over . ooh .
naruto fan: yaaaaaaaas my favourite song
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Such smartness of this boy! Wow! Nice! The story has been weaved in the way to show that how smartness also plays a important role in our lives especially when it comes to confronting the varying circumstances of life.. 😃🗾🏖️🛣️

that guy is not a guy actually but a girl...

NIE LI shall discover it soon when he is about to apply medicine on his chest...

after he controls the law of death by killing the SPIRITUAL God of death and successfully replacing him...

yeah, NIE LI shall become the spiritual God of death

but due to lack if practice he won't be using it with full potential
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Beah Jayme
I thought the nose of the black dragon's flames of fury at the 7th panel was the eyes that I thought it was a giant worm with small eyes and big mouth and it even almost looks like a train... but it's really a dragon
Oouzora D Kinra: s for safety.
Jotaro Kujo: AHAHAHAHA
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