Tales of Demons and Gods
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Tales of Demons and Gods

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Tales of Demons and Gods
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Chenae Winfield
Anybody else thinks that she might be a fox transformed to a human after cultivating for years. Then died while cultivating for immortally but became a strong spiritual being to help future cultavist save the human race from "alien" creatures.
iham singh: Oh ok no problem , still thanks tho-
I've watched season 4 episode 52 or 53 (I'm not sure as I watched it before) and I couldn't find anymore episodes
Thousand Sunny : Sorry, I’ve only watched the first 3 seasons of the anime, so I don’t know.
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regine Dyosa
❤this is the best comic for an otaku like me
Ishima Daniel: what is otaku
SÊAN~: S3X Day...Kiss Day...We Are Like Couple But Were Just Acting Like One
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OMG, I can't contain my tears. My heart hurts so bad, that was so generous even the grandpa shed tears that made me cry harder. 💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖😭😭😭😭😭💖😭😭😭
SÊAN~: S3X Day...Kiss Day...We Are Like Couple But Were Just Acting Like One
-My Posséssive CEO-
⏫ ⏫
Can You Please Check Out My Chat Story The Title Is The One With The Arrow Thanks For Checking Out Bye Have A Nice Days To Come In Mangatoon
🤍❄️🖤🦋Alluka🦋🖤❄️🤍: Guy’s i have some manga recommendations for you i hope you like it*Kitten Princess*Undefeatable Charlotte*Spicy Wife’s Reborn World * Princess Happily Ever-After Marriage*Princess agent Cultivation Guide*The Bizarre Adventure of Miss Capricious *Mom is Not to Be Messed With*Love Me Gently Bossy Ceo*Ceo’s Handsome Trainee*Chasing Love System*Handsome You won’t Get Me*The World Of Canglan*The Great Ruler* As Far as i can Remember This are One of the best that I really recommend hope you like em ,you won’t waste your time reading it😊
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Jamie Vargas
omg the cover picture of the panda and him in the begging was so freaking adorable
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Yeen Shahri
is the chapter getting shorter or i'm reading too fast?
Asahi ShikiDes: Thats what she said
Neuber: The chapters were cut in half in mangatoon its 400plus but in other apps the chapters of Tales of demons and gods is 285
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Dear Author:
Im looking forward for this one of a kind novel.To be honest I never expect that your story is so beautiful, and full of adventures? and excitement.
I hope you can update more and more episodes of this story.

By the way its an honor for as to read this kind of story, your imagination is wide like ocean and its good to share thank you and continue doing this manga story God bless you.
Mask: 201 likes
Eclipse: Guys this comment is long abandoned it's been nearly 3 years now
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Edmund Apam
he's an idiot no wonder he got his ass handed to him
Arachnid666: no the hole cave
Maximum power: they will still find it he said shen yue sold the lamp so we can say that they still found it in his first life
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My ass is on fire 😂😂😂
simmi: hy if u have time can u plz read my story


Toad Face: The original prob went something like this AAAAAAAAAAAaaAAAaAAAAAHH
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It’s been days since I’ve last seen my family. I have been sitting in my dark room cultivating my soul while reading this amazing masterpiece... I will soon reach the level of Legendary Manga Expert!
Meor Firduas Firdaus: first fate
=_=: It been two day I started for coins but
I'm almost legendary manga master
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yess his panda is going to become a shadow clawed panda or something I hope
Deer Derf: ok this is a theory but i think panda and shadow are going to have a child or something
DeFrost: aww..man why did you have to break my hopes so early
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Aldreas Wilmott
cajole means to seduce
MyMainIsChiharaStudios: Aye.
just a regular person: wow many comments
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"Mere slaves talk about freedom?--" says the guy who's been a loyal dog all his life :/
Jin: Is that ian as your pfp
Muhammed Saad Kurosawa: damn straight homie
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Adorable V
Are they seriously playing tic tac toe😂😂
Adorable V: Lol.
Consequence: They must've created it
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- FireMoon -
I love how Nie does stuff and surprises himself but shrugs along anyway
Rachael Selest: got to love it. like oh hey I just killed some. ties learned something new. cool.

Tales of demons and gods
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Ah Congrats you have reached the bootay region!!!!👌
THE DARKEST SOUL: i am only a man
next: a monster a monster i am turning in to a monster
a monster a monster and it keeps gitting stronger
Felix Red: Smooth, very smooth
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Sry if my English is horrible
is it just me or does Nie li and Ning er look like brother or sister
Rajeev Kumar: ur English isn't much horrible dude it's 90% correct
Aurelia/Auri: Yes but only their hair looks the same their eyes are different colour Xiao has orange eyes and Nie Li has Blue/Cyan eyes
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Rupamoni Pathak
I laughed way too hard when the old man said: "Ah boi, when did u die?!" 🤣🤣🤣
Benjamin Kearney: well he did die but was reincarnated
Smyth Muhindi: haha 😂😂
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am I retarded or are these translations hard to understand
Aki the wolf: perhaps trabslators changed? but I can still understand
Anonymous?: this version of translation is of poor quality
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Aidil Iqram
Hmmm i don't really like new translator...Soul sea right not psyche sea
Homo sapien: That one is for the good tho😂
y u klik me ?: finally! i thought i was the only since i started noticing a couple chapters back and no one mentioned this at all.
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anyone reminded of the Avatar episode about impossible lovers stuck in a cave? oh, just me? alright I'll just go sit down somewhere.
Casey Livesay: SECRET TUNNEL
Anonymous: yeah i know it
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