100 Days to Love You
Romance / Historical / Chinese Classic

100 Days to Love You

Daxingdao Comic
100 Days to Love You
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100 Days to Love You Comics Online. Chu Tianchi, the emperor of the Wu state captured the emperor of Yue state and decided to behead him in 100 days. To save her old master, Shen Yanfei vowed to kill Chu Tianchi within a hundred days and overthrow his dynasty. But after spending time with him, she realized that Chu Tianchi is not a bad man.
How will she proceed with her plan...

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Chinese Classic
Hottest Comments
Jungkookie Bun
Nothing Unusual ಠ_ಠ
He's not wearing a mask
He ain't Cold or Arrogant
He doesn't have white hair
He doesn't have another Identity
Yo we have an AvErAgE ML here
fInALlY NoRmAl
killinitKim: so predictable
Arreid'cruz: 😂😂😂😂😂 gotcha!!
total 59 replies
..B L A N K..
blue haired girl is gonna deceive FL I bet
★Pragati★: I am with u sis
Ms.Ŕęđ-çhæń: But brown hair girl promised she will kill that guy but at the end she will fell in love to him to
total 8 replies
R. Komi
he's already in the Fl's hands she can kill him already, and then end of story, best ending ever..Bravo...but obviously not gonna happen
Arreid'cruz: oh my gosh....!!! You deserve the award of best writer ever.!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Indra: not sure the soldiers are near, and the location of murder is near where the captured girl are sleeping, plus she did talk about her intention to kill him, if she is reckless to kill her target now the death can be led to her , even by miracle she can escape the palace , they might take it on the other girls while searching for her
total 9 replies
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