The Ultimate X-Ray Eyes
Fantasy / Comedy

The Ultimate X-Ray Eyes

Daxingdao Comic
The Ultimate X-Ray Eyes
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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The Ultimate X-Ray Eyes Comics Online. Ye Qiu, originally a nobody, unintentionally acquired the ability of seeing-through eyes. This ability not only allows him to see through obstacles, but also to see into the past through time, and even make his body more powerful and agile. Relying on this ability, Ye Qiu jumped from a low-level employee to the top talent that several major antique companies were competing for...

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Immortal Emperor's Eye
I'm wasting my time here instead of doing a module
ayuzawa: yyyyyy 🌝
ayuzawa: yyyyyy
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for a sec, thought the ring gave him insight. turns out he was already insightful. cheh, now he'll get more powerful.
Fredrick(Stolen by momo😚): the ring gave him more power
now he can see into under wears😁😁😁
「 ÎMMØRTÄL_KÅRMÃ」 (YĀNDÈRÊ): well ur correct
total 4 replies
Kayle Loudens
Haha loser

Even tho I’m not much different
Kayle Loudens: I do have stuff to do but okie dokie
꧁☬𝕍𝕀𝕆𝕃𝔼𝕋☬꧂: Do you have nothing to do?Then read my story "Ceo's beautiful wife" thanks in advance
total 2 replies
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