Epic Reborn
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Epic Reborn

Daxingdao Comic
Epic Reborn
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Epic Reborn Comics Online. Thunder King Chen Lei failed to cross the tribulation, and by chance, was reborn back to his teenage years when his family has not been destroyed. Chen Lei is determined to make up for the regrets! With the memory of his past life, the supreme talent Chen Lei from then on starts the journey of invincibility!
Guard the family, crush the enemy, and collect the world's greatest treasures!

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Eastern Fantasy
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✨ Shining 🌟 Stars✨(A.Z) Mtnp
In a rainy day🌊
A beauty on horse 🐎
is being pursuited 🗡️
And then suddenly ML makes him entry on a boat ⛵?👀
葉池蓮: if you're bored you can read my very own novel..
"Immortal love"
it's my first time as a writer so please support guys!!
✨ Shining 🌟 Stars✨(A.Z) Mtnp: Thanks 😂😂
I just got the summary as I read that chapter 😂
total 3 replies
✨ Shining 🌟 Stars✨(A.Z) Mtnp
I like this line, "A Free grandson, why not" 😂😂😂. But he already reached the destination so fast ⏩
✨ Shining 🌟 Stars✨(A.Z) Mtnp: Yeah, we aren't the main leads in a comic after all 😂😂
ARF The Dog: I'd like myself a free grandson but it'll take me much longer than how he did it lol
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⬛▪️D E P R S S E D▪️⬛🔻MTRSC🔻
"I'll go wherever he goes"........ Gurl even in the bathroom? 😳
💋@{Ř€ÑžŲì_ßįŤ€§}💋{Żî§û}💜💕: even while he's gonna poo💩💩
RyuunoskeAkiro: What the hell are you thinking 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂
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